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Emigrating to an Island - Popular Islands for Immigration


When hearing the word “island”, many people think of the paradisiacal beaches of the Caribbean or the South seas in mind. They awaken the desire to live far away from the stress and crowds of big cities. The islands also include large regions and countries such as Indonesia, Madagascar, Iceland and Papua New Guinea. We have deliberately removed the United Kingdom from the following statistics. The most popular emigration destinations on islands are afterwards New Zealand, Ireland, Japan, Singapore and the Philippines. In 2019 hiked well officially 6,200 Germans on islands (except UK), while almost 5,900 turned their backs on these islands and came back to Germany.

On this page you will find brief information about those islands or countries on islands that are suitable for emigration. From this brief information you will then get to detailed emigration information, travel information, contacts, etc., to everything you should know about immigration.

However, due to the Climate change not all islands unreservedly recommended. If you want, read the articles HERE.

The Azores belong to Portugal and thus officially to the EU. The 9 islands are especially popular among hikers and water sports enthusiasts, who can enjoy themselves all year round on this chain of islands in the Atlantic. Immigration is just as easy here as it is within the EU.


Bahamas - White sandy beaches, turquoise sea, spectacular dives in the third largest coral reef in the world, wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. The always warm subtropical climate and the pleasant water temperatures also make the Bahamas an attractive destination.


Dominican Republic. Because of the crystal clear water and the typical Caribbean climate, it is a diving and surfing paradise. Add to that the friendliness of the locals and other positive aspects. All important information here.


Great Britain. A good incentive to work here is certainly the wage level. In addition, there is a statutory minimum wage, which is the equivalent of around 8 euros per hour. Other reasons for emigrating to Great Britain here.


Guadeloupe. As a French province, the 9 islands of Guadeloupe officially belong to the EU. That makes immigration easy. The tropical climate of the Caribbean makes this region an interesting alternative for many.


Indonesia offers a tropical climate, unique natural landscapes, volcanoes, beautiful beaches and much more. However, earthquakes and tsunamis are also the order of the day. Adventure travel yes, immigration is restricted.


Ireland. The country, which has the most shades of green in the world in its landscapes, is an insider tip among nature-loving dropouts. You will find out what else the island has to offer and how to live and work there here.


Iceland. Stable economy, low unemployment, very high per capita income, high standard of living. In order to find work in the country, one should either be fluent in Icelandic or speak English or another Scandinavian language such as Danish, Swedish or Norwegian.


Japan. The Japanese way of life is very different from the German. This is a great attraction - as well as a hurdle. Japan is at least worth a trip, as well as a check whether you can and would like to live in this country.


jersey is a tax haven with extensive, clean and fine sandy beaches. Some regulations make immigration easy, others make it difficult to settle here.


Canary Islands. Unbeatable as a vacation paradise for sun seekers. Mild climate even in winter. Temporary vacation jobs are very popular here. As a tourist region, the islands have a lot to offer travelers and immigrants. They belong to Spain and therefore to the EU.


The Cape Verde Islands are characterized by a warm, oceanic climate with small temperature differences between summer and winter, but are not a destination for mass tourism. Immigration is a bit of a hassle because of the bureaucracy.


Cuba is very attractive to many because of the pleasant climate, the beautiful beaches, the friendly people and the low crime rate. But it is not easy to get a long-term residence permit. This is tied to an employment relationship or family reunification.


Madagascar. For a long-term visa on this second largest island nation in the world, you need around 800 US dollars. Starting a simple company (like GmbH) is easy. However, foreigners have not yet been able to acquire land on their own.


Maldives. Not only are they a popular and exotic vacation destination, but they also have something to offer those who choose to live on one of these islands in the Indian Ocean.


Malta is particularly popular with those who either no longer have to work or can find one of the few good jobs, but also with companies because of the low taxes.


Martiniquebelongs to France, so you can immigrate like under EU conditions. This Caribbean island in the Lesser Antilles is fantastically beautiful. But life on it is very expensive.


New Zealand. Around 4 million people live in an area of ​​269,000 km². The official languages ​​are English and the native language Maori. New Zealand is the dream of many who are willing to emigrate. Here I introduce you the country in front.


Philippines. Those who have sufficient capital and can tolerate the climate can live here very well and cheaply. If you are looking for a job, you hardly have a chance, unless you are married to a local or are a certified diving instructor.


Saint Martin is one of the smallest islands shared by two countries - France and the Netherlands (Sint Maarten). The French part belongs to the EU and also has the euro. Immigration is easy here.


Samoa. What is unique about this beautiful Polynesian island state and diving paradise is the seemingly unshakable serenity of the people. In this country there is no concern for the future. However, immigration is not that easy.


Scotland. Scotland is equally interesting for realists and romantics. As part of the United Kingdom, it is a wonderfully wild country with fascinating landscapes and vibrant cities. Info here.


Seychelles is an island nation in the Indian Ocean, east of Africa and north of Madagascar and Mauritius. For a long time one of the most expensive tourist destinations in the world. The currency collapsed due to the financial crisis. However, immigration is only recommended for retirees and investors.


Singapore. In addition to the professional opportunities, the climate and standard of living beckon here. However, Singapore is more suitable for a work-related stay than for emigrating to enjoy life.


Sri Lanka is currently more worth a nice vacation than emigration. At times political unrest makes the situation unstable. As a vacationer you will find wonderful sandy beaches, small fascinating islands, lush mountain forests and impressive tea plantations.



The Caribbean island nation Trinidad and Tobago is characterized by a very pleasant climate and a large variety of species. It is not very well developed for tourism and is problematic for immigration.


Cyprus. The Republic of Cyprus (EU) has developed into an important business and financial center in recent years. Relatively low cost of living, a favorable geographical location and tax advantages mean that more and more entrepreneurs want to set up a company in Cyprus and enjoy life on this island. In particular, the Non Dom program makes the Republic of Cyprus a tax haven.


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The 10 largest islands in the world in order are: Greenland, New Guinea, Borneo, Madagascar, Baffin Island, Sumatra, Honshu, Great Britain, Victoria Island, Ellesmere Island.

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