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United States: Nancy Pelosi: "I don't hate anyone"

The US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, responded with a rare outburst of anger when asked if she hates President Donald Trump. "I don't hate anyone," replied Pelosi on Thursday - visibly upset - to a question from a journalist in Washington. "As a Catholic, I am annoyed that you use the word 'hate' in a sentence to refer to me."

Pelosi was just about to leave the room after a press statement when the reporter asked her the question and asked if the Democrats' efforts to impeach Trump were driven by hatred.

The Democratic front woman stopped, headed for the journalist, gestured vigorously and said she would not allow him to confront such allegations. Pelosi eventually returned to the lectern for a lengthy statement in response to the question.

"Don't mess with me"

To the reporter's address, she said: "Don't mess with me when it comes to words like that." She was brought up to love her neighbor and always pray for the president. Pelosi criticized Trump was a "coward" when it came to stricter gun laws, he was "cruel" in migration policy and denied the climate crisis. The impeachment investigation against the president, however, has nothing to do with different party political positions.

The 79-year-old has been in the political business for decades and is considered one of the most experienced politicians in Washington. She is number three in the state after Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. Hot outbursts at public appearances are usually not her style.

Trump reacted with ridicule

Trump responded with ridicule on Twitter. "Nancy Pelosi just went crazy." She said that she was praying for the president, he continued and added: "I don't believe her, not a bit."

The impeachment investigation against Trump arouses feelings in the United States and deepens the political and social divisions in the country. (apa, dpa)