Wealth Management IMC or CFA

Investment Management Certificate

WiWi Gast wrote on March 24th, 2020:

Good day everybody,

has any of you heard of the "IMC" certificate issued by the CFA society UK? Is similar to CFA, only much less demanding, cheaper and you do not need professional experience or a bachelor's degree. I am considering completing the IMC in order to boost my résumé with it. Otherwise my profile looks very thin. The website says that it would be recognized in DE, but you can hardly find anything about it on the DE network. My question: does it make sense to complete it in order to be invited to interviews in DE?


I was wondering what a CTA is good for, besides being able to say I have a CTA degree. This also applies to IMC certificates.

After a heated conversation with a fund manager who had lots of great certificates, I asked him why he hadn't hedged the fund with derivatives before the impending crash. According to his degrees, he should be able to, as I've now found out.

  • .... The CFA is intended for investment management
  • ..... Level II requires this knowledge to be applied to the analysis of various asset classes, including stocks, fixed income securities, derivatives and alternative investments;
  • .... Level III is focused on portfolio management and wealth planning. Synthesis and evaluation are required here in order to make investment decisions.

Too much theory is learned and practical implementation is a different class.

Now to your question. My mentor always said you had to be different and better. So in the investment area / stock market only practical matters
Application. I would need next to nothing from leveling 2/3 (5%)!

I spoke to a few other professionals three years ago about what they think of why most fund managers are so bad. They did not understand that the market is always right and good numbers are no guarantee that there will be no crash.

The really good addresses are of no interest to a CTA or anything else. There you do a test based on risk intelligence .. If you hate that, you can then prove what you can in the real money account.

Only when your feelings are on a roller coaster and are in the red at 20 or 30k will you see what your training was good for.

In the FRG it is normal that the funds hit the wall in a crash as always. It's not your money. Since everyone is so bad it is not noticeable.

If you want to work in the financial industry, then rather look to get practice! Read the book Gary Norden, An End to the Bull and the book by Michael Lewis, Flash Boys. Then you hate the idea of ​​whether such a normal course of study can keep up. At least we don't believe it.

You go up against the brightest minds, but not those with a normal high IQ. Test. The best are born autodidacts who take the 4% test in 15-20 minutes.

I would clearly define my goal what I want to achieve. Then reflect on where the hooks are and whether it makes sense to tackle the goal. If so, the goal is the way, Laotse sends his regards and step by step bring everything together and start walking the way.