How did diversity help your company innovate?


Diversity and inclusion are becoming increasingly important for companies around the world. This is not only because a focus on diversity helps to be considered an attractive employer, but also because diversity is an important factor for economic success, as numerous studies confirm.

For example, according to a McKinsey study, companies are 35% more likely to demonstrate above-average financial performance if they have a high ethnic diversity in their employees.

Especially for the younger generations, diversity and inclusion are immensely important factors, especially when choosing a career. The reasons for this are, how could it be otherwise, diverse. Diversity brings perspectives, opportunities, equal opportunities, tension, innovation and openness, it helps us with transformation and digital change and makes companies fit for the future. The more diverse our employees, the more diverse we can help customers achieve success. Diversity does not even stop at the successor to national soccer coach Jogi Löw. Steffi Jones, the former national coach of the women's national soccer team, calls for a successor for Jogi Löw.

Now these facts and opinions are all well and good, diversity seems a sensible way. However, the question arises: “How do you achieve diversity in your own company?” Many have tried and yet failed, others have been satisfied with a partial success. One thing is clear, however, diversity is a long-term goal, a marathon - not a sprint. True diversity and inclusion can only be achieved if these are reflected and anchored in the corporate values ​​and culture.

In a study by the Berlin recruiting start-up Truffls, 52% of the 1,000 respondents stated that management is an example of diversity in their company and 54% stated that diversity is explicitly defined in the company values. In contrast, 22% have the feeling that diversity is only used in their company for image and marketing purposes, but is not really lived.

However, there is a lot of catching up to do when it comes to the perception of equal career opportunities: For example, only 19% of the women surveyed believe that women have the same career opportunities as everyone else in relation to all German companies, only 18% of the older respondents believe that older employees have equal career opportunities in Germany as a whole Comparison.

So there is still a lot to do for German companies. We would like to take the opportunity to focus more on the topic, especially within the IT infrastructure. We work every day with experts from the industry and would like to offer our network and everyone who is interested in the topic a platform for the exchange of interests and experiences.

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