What is the best Italian breakfast

Meal times

What do you have breakfast in Italy, what does a typical Italian lunch or dinner look like - and what is it la merenda?

La colazione - the breakfast
It's fast in the morning in Italy: A coffee or cappuccino and a brioche or other sweet pastry - this is what a typical breakfast looks like. The whole thing is usually standing in a bar on the way to work. A quick look at the newspaper or three words with the waiter and then it’s off. It seems hectic and has little to do with Mediterranean cosiness. But it can be explained: if you eat lavishly late in the evening, you don't need a hearty breakfast in the morning. In addition, the caffè costs significantly more when you sit down, as a place setting or service is charged as soon as you take a seat.
At home in Italy only children, schoolchildren and housewives have breakfast. But even there the breakfast is quick and quite spartan.

Il pranzo e la cena - lunch and dinner
At least one of the two main meals is usually an extremely opulent culinary event that consists of several courses. Lunch in a restaurant can take an hour and a half, and dinner two to three.
Wine and water are drunk with meals, and it is not uncommon for children to have a splash of wine in their water. White bread and crispy breadsticks are served with every meal, and cloth tablecloths and napkins are a matter of course. A place setting - the coperto - is then billed for this.

Classic meal order:

Aperitivo: The aperitif is often drunk in a bar on the way to the restaurant.