You can grill frozen burgers

Grilling burgers: this is how it works!.Tips for the perfect burger from the grill.

The most common question my friends ask me about a barbecue is "What do you have to consider when grilling a burger?" Sure, burgers are popular and always go. They are one of the most varied grilled dishes and really easy to make if you know and pay attention to a few things. What these are in my opinion, that's what this article will be about ...

Which meat do you use for burgers?

As always, the meat is also crucial with the burger: 100% beef, freshly minced if possible and with about 20% fat. I generally only use freshly ground mince, as you can grill the burgers medium with it. Frozen mince is not suitable for this and should always be cooked through. Ideally, you get the meat fresh from the butcher every day, so that you can ask for minced beef from the shoulder there, as this is particularly suitable due to the fat content.

How do you season burgers?

When it comes to seasoning burger patties, I'm a purist: I usually just use them salt and pepper. The reason for this is that afterwards you can better adapt the burger to your own taste with a wide variety of sauces. With good and fresh meat, it just doesn't take more to create a strong taste of its own. Exceptions are burgers that you want to give a special note directly: such as with oregano and basil for an Italian burger.

What should be considered when shaping?

For me, burger patties have - depending on the application - between 120 and 250 grams of beef per piece. For a normal burger you lie with 150 to 180 grams very good. Light, flat patties are good if you want to use two (or three?) Of them on a burger (e.g. for double beef, double cheese, double bacon).

After shaping you should use a spoon or your thumb press a small indentation in the middle of the burger patty. This prevents the pattie from bulging while grilling. Otherwise, the reason for this is that it contracts due to the heat and the pattie shrinks slightly inwards.

I stack the finished burger patties in a tupped bowl, separated by baking paper. About 45 minutes before grilling, I put the switch in the freezer. The short freezing of the patties means that they are a little firmer and more compact when they are removed and on the grill and thus stay in better shape.

Do you need a burger press?

For me, a burger press is more of a nice to have grill accessory. It is not essential in my opinion. I usually don't use them when I'm making large amounts of patties, because that's too tedious for me. Nonetheless, I find a burger press helpful to keep patties evenly shaped. It also helps to form light, flat patties. The latter is rather difficult by hand.

I have the Weber burger press in the cupboard and find it practical for two reasons: it can then simply be put in the dishwasher and has two sides with which you can shape different sizes. The side for the flat patties can also be used to press all sorts of in-between sizes, which I usually do. There are bonus points for the Weber burger press, as it presses the aforementioned curvature into the pattie at the same time. So you don't have to do this yourself afterwards.

How do you grill burgers?

The grill must be properly preheated: The temperature on the grate should be between 220 and 260 degreesso that you can sear the burgers straight away. Depending on the thickness of the patty is turned once after about three to four minutes. A good indicator of the right moment to turn is when meat juices appear on the surface. Furthermore, the underside should be detachable from the rust without sticking. I use a simple grill spatula to turn it. The pattie should not be pressed flat with the turner, as this only wastes valuable meat juice.

During the grilling, the Lid closed be: On the one hand, this prevents the formation of flames from dripping fat. On the other hand, it means that the patties cook more evenly. After both sides have been grilled, I place the patties in the indirect area, where they can be drawn to the desired cooking point and topped with cheese.

What accessories do you need for grilling burgers?

When grilling burgers, I swear by my extra-large cast iron grill plate! It fits perfectly into the 57 mm ball and leaves enough indirect space for the finished burgers and for crunching up the burger buns. I mainly use the grill plate to give the burgers more roasting surface. In addition to the patties, you can also throw bacon on the plate. While the cast iron plate is heating up in the grill, I put a piece of palmin on it: it will be well greased and ready for use later.

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I'm a big fan of braised onions on burgers. That's why I usually put the small pot from my Dutch Oven Set on the chimney when the coals are glowing through. There are simply onion rings in the pot with a few flakes of butter. The whole thing is stirred a few times in between and then stays warm thanks to the cast iron until the burgers are ready.

How do you bake good burger buns?

There are many recipes for good burger buns: I now have my own burger bun recipe for classic brioche buns. In the contribution to the recipe there are also links to other recipes from friends and colleagues that are worth trying out.

Since the dough for burger buns is usually rather moist and sticky, the right technique is essential to shape the dough pieces. Since this is the last step in processing the dough, it should not be kneaded if possible because it has already risen. This video on grinding burger buns shows how to shape the buns without kneading them.

Once you have baked your burger buns yourself, you will never use finished ones again. Homemade buns can also be frozen well, so that you can make many in one go. The result is worlds better than the crumbly buns you can buy in the supermarket.

That says everything that I think there is important to know about burgers. Have fun grilling the burger, trying it out, varying it and above all: Bon appetit!

Need some burger inspiration?

In the following books you will find tons of other ideas for grilling burgers.

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