What is your most memorable Christmas tradition

The best Christmas tradition

As a young family it was our wish to find our own traditions. As long as my husband Thomas and I had no children, we drove across Germany for Christmas to visit the parents. But with two small children we thought about which traditions we would like to take over from our parents' homes and which new ones we would like.
We got no further than the deliberations. Thomas died. I drove to my parents' house like a child and felt safe and secure in their traditions: decorating the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, eating potato salad, reading the Christmas story, alternately giving each other a present and being amazed while unpacking. Did I have any presents prepared at all? I think we mainly gave the children as presents with animal figures and picture books. We watched them play on the carpet while sadness hovered around the Christmas tree.

I met Alexander and we got married on a mountain in the winter. We wanted to be close to heaven and have a beautiful view of the landscape and time. As a family we had to find each other and I wanted us to develop our own Christmas tradition too. We found one. Only this year we cannot go to the mountains as usual.

Shortly before Christmas we (usually) go to South Tyrol. Then, when everyone else is still at home, we go tobogganing and skiing. Enjoy the peace and quiet and that the hut keepers have time to chat. When we walk through the mountain village, we meet locals. They speak German, Italian and Ladin. They are happy when I ask about their culture. Then they chat about their people, the Ladins, and about their traditions, recipes, clothing and customs.

In the days over Christmas we live in the mobile home, play cards, loll around in bed and sort ourselves in a confined space. The most common question is: “Have you seen my socks or ...?
I cook quickly and easily like soups and pastries. We are in the snow for hours. Move us. Amazement. Get hungry and get cold feet. What could be nicer than wrapping up in the feather bed afterwards?

This year I am drawing on the memories and am grateful that I have them. On Christmas Eve we will go into the garden and light a fire. I cook game with dumplings and red cabbage - that's what my sons wanted. We are used to celebrating the holidays as a small family. Perhaps our best family tradition is that we can walk through time in harmony.

Our place of residence is not 2000, but only 555 meters above sea level. But I know we will touch the sky here too and it touches us.

Merry Christmas!