What is your perspective about your life

You are bored of your job, your superiors and colleagues drive you crazy and you basically don't even know why you are doing all this? The hard truth: deal with it or change what is bothering you. Because: Nobody will save you from your situation. You have to do this job yourself. The good news: You can get started anytime!

Is "not up for Monday" really normal?

It starts on Sunday evening: You think about the new work week and the mood is in the basement. The stress level increases and you react irritably to anyone who wants something from you. Sounds familiar? Then you belong to the frustrated majority of this country! Believe it or not, half of all employees in Germany are dissatisfied with their jobs. When it comes to payment, training opportunities and identification with the company, we Germans sometimes even come last! All in a bad mood. All do not feel like Monday!

Now let's be honest: don't you have something better to do with your life? Let's do the math. If you are currently - let's say - 35 years old, there are still 32 years, 1,664 weeks and approx. 36,192 hours of work ahead of you. That's a lot! Instead of serving this time, you could tackle your life, change something and do something with your talents! Do something that you love or find exciting. Because it makes sense to you. Because you are really good at it. Because you are passionate about it. Or because you want to show someone and earn real money. Because your work-life balance should make you shine and you finally want to have time for both: an exciting job and a fulfilling private life.

Do you think that is not possible? With all due respect, it's worth taking a closer look ... And the most important thing: just start once!

  • Believe in yourself and your strengths: What are you good at, what can you do in no time at all, what praise do you hear often? Listen, don't belittle your strengths and talents and believe in yourself. Because you and your strengths count!
  • Think about what you really want. Where is your passion What do you want to move Who do you want to reach Think about it, write it down, or paint the fridge. The better you know what you want, the easier it will be for you to achieve it.
  • Don't believe everything from your inner critic: It is time that we invite our inner critic for a glass of wine, chocolate or a Kölsch, take a critical look and say “Dude, I don't believe everything anymore!” Those who hear the critical voice within themselves, but question them and with remains himself, can turn the troublemaker into an accomplice. Gentle hints for reflection, yes, but we'd rather take the helm ourselves in the future!
  • Stop whining and do things: Sure you can cry out. But: if you feel that a wave of misery is looming, step on the brakes. You can use the energy sensibly.
  • Develop yourself! Know-how, competence and qualification create opportunities! You don't have the time or money for it? In all honesty, with the abundance of options and formats, this can and should no longer be an obstacle. After all, it's about yourself, your satisfaction and your future. And just as you care for and value everything that is important to you, so should you keep up with your workforce and your know-how.
  • Have you already asked your manager or the HR department?But they don't do anything? Of course, support is valuable. But if this is just not the case: do it yourself! Take care, do some research, and just start. You don't always have to wait. If we were to take all of our skills into our own hands - oops, the bosses would get up to speed more quickly! Otherwise we will run away from them sooner or later - well trained and committed. And they know that. So: start instead of waiting.
  • You would like to - but you don't know where your path should go? Invest in orientation! Deal with yourself, make your goals clear to yourself, talk to friends about it, listen to what others see in you or invest in your personal kick-off coaching, which can give an important impulse in the right direction. With a clear and coherent goal, the path is much easier!

Can you find 1,000 reasons why it doesn't work? - We have a few inspirations for you:

  • Believing in your own strengths is ALWAYS possible: Oprah Winfrey
    Yes, the American, super-rich and influential presenter was not always so famous and glamorous - and it really wasn't easy for her. In the face of racism, poverty and as a child of underage parents, she was supposed to work on the family's pig farm. But Oprah learned and worked her way into another world. As the first colored news anchorwoman, she started a whole new life far from her farm. She dared even though everyone said: “You're gonna fail.” Today she is one of the most influential women in the world and an inspiration. What do the others already know what's really inside you?

"You don’t become what you want, you become what you believe." Oprah Winfrey

  • Education is precious! Seize every opportunity for new horizons - Naren Shaam
    Naren Shaam is currently celebrated as the founder of Unicorn. He had the idea early on to found a Europe-wide platform that would bring all means of transport together on one page. But everyone thought GoEuro (or, more recently, Omio) was nonsense. How should an Indian who studied in the USA set up a suitable platform for Europeans? Nobody believed in it. Only Naren held onto his vision. And one of his main recipes for success: Make the most of your (further) education! So don't let yourself be stopped and stay tuned!

“In my home country it is not a matter of course that you can continue your education. That's why I quickly realized that I always had to get the best out of everything that was offered to me. ”Naren Shaam

  • Setbacks are part of the way, moving on is the motto - J.K. Rowling
    Did you know that Harry Potter, one of the greatest book successes in world history, has been rejected by renowned publishers twelve times? The editors probably didn't see what millions of people in J.K. Reading Rowling's Hogwarts Story: A Great Inspiration!Rowling wrote her work in a very difficult life situation in which she suffered a separation and depression. But she carried on every day anyway. After the twelfth rejection, she got up again, believed in her dream and is now one of the most successful authors in the world. Even if you get rejected, giving up is simply not an option!

"I would like to be remembered as someone who did the best she could with the talent she had." J.K. Rowling

Do you feel too old to change? Or too young to trust you? - Life sees it differently!

Because you have to let that melt in your mouth:

  • Betty White had her breakthrough as an actress when she was 51.
  • Laura Ingalls Wilder became famous with her children's books at the age of 65.
  • Henry Ford was 45 when he designed his revolutionary T model that changed the world of mobility.
  • Artist Anna Mary Robertson Moses started painting at 75 and a few years later one of her paintings sold for $ 1.2 million!
  • And Greta Thunberg changed the world at the age of 16.

Age is not an excuse! Who knows what kind of story you're going to write? But that only happens if you start too.

Masters rarely fall from the sky - hold on and find ways to open doors for you!

You are not yet on the verge of a breakthrough? But sometimes there is just one crucial qualification missing that opens an important door! Therefore, I would like to sincerely recommend continuing education to you as a door opener. And not so that you can book a seminar with us quickly, but because we know that further development is exhausting, but helps you in the long term and brings you further.

Because further education ...

  • ... is (d) a way to ascent! 74% move up in the company after further training and 69% earn more afterwards! Further training is the basis for your future success!
  • ... makes you (more) self-confident!
  • ... is appreciation for yourself and for your talents! Because you haveyou deserve
  • … Means networking, thinking outside the box that offers perspectives and sometimes concrete opportunities. Don't you think so? Just give it a try!
  • Last but not least: Further training simply feels good, because we take time for ourselves, our path, our success, our satisfaction. And the grumpy colleague across the street is astonished when we hit the nail on the head calmly and confidently with new knowledge and scope for experience.

Still not convinced? Zoom out once: What is really important?

How would you like to look back on your life? What do you want to be proud of? What will you regret? Now hold on tight, two of the five most common things that people bitterly regret at the end of their lives are:

  • To have no courage for one's own life, but only to have followed the expectations of others.
    That shook me up. I hope you can too. It's your life, make something of it!
  • Not having taken one's own happiness more seriously.
    You are unhappy? Then change something! Take matters into your own hands and start your own happiness!

What you regret are always things you have NOT done. So sometimes it just takes a pinch of courage to spice things up better. So when do you start taking charge of your life? Wanting is good, but “doing” makes the difference.

So: stop your Mimimi and make something of it! Because you can! Certainly.

Here are a few links for inspiration: