Who is the lost generation

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A lost generation

Young people need more support

According to the Ifo Institute, poorly performing children and young people and those from poorly educated families are not adequately supported by schools in homeschooling. In addition, figures from the Federal Statistical Office show that significantly fewer young people will have an apprenticeship position in 2020.

The ifo Institute notes that distance teaching "Throws students back months or years in their development". Schools could not adequately reach all children and young people. And according to the Federal Statistical Office, only 465,200 young people signed an apprenticeship contract in 2020. That is 9.4 percent less than in the previous year. There has never been a slump like this.

The VdK is alarmed by both findings. Success in education and origin are closely related in Germany anyway. In the corona pandemic, young people from poorer, educationally disadvantaged families are left behind. With such starting conditions, they are threatened with poorly paid jobs, frequent unemployment and ultimately low pensions. "We have to take decisive countermeasures, otherwise a lost generation will grow up", fears VdK President Verena Bentele.

So that the welfare state can fulfill its tasks, it needs well-trained people who work and finance the social security systems with their contributions. “Politicians must do everything to ensure that no one leaves school without a qualification. And the companies have to train more ", says Bentele.


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