Did Jesus Christ ever masturbate

The addiction to masturbation


1 The addiction to masturbation The plan of salvation provides for the restoration of the divine image in the human soul. Yahuwah is pure. He is holy and perfect. Those who will inherit the kingdom of light with Yahushua will reflect Yahuwah in every area of ​​life. Scripture is very clear that only those who are pure will inherit eternal life: Who is allowed to climb the mountain of Yahuwah? And who is allowed to stand in his holy place? Who has innocent hands and a pure heart, who does not direct his soul to deceit and does not swear wrongly. He will receive blessings from Yahuwah and righteousness from the God of his salvation. (See Psalm 24: 3-5.) In the Sermon on the Mount, Yahushua exhorted, "Be perfect, then, as your Heavenly Father is perfect." (Matthew 5:48; Schlachter 2000) To impose such an unattainable demand on mankind who have fallen into sin would be cruel, but it is a fact that Yahuwah is ready to provide all help so that the bought children of the earth can achieve this state. It is impossible for a sinner to become perfect by working towards it. "Who can say: I have purified my heart, I have become clean from my sin?" (Proverbs 20: 9) Yahuwah knows that no one can purify himself. He used the infinite resources of heaven to help in battle to overcome the sin in the soul. One of the many ways Satan tries to corrupt the soul and destroy purity is through sexual impurity. Adultery, fornication, and pornography are very common sins that corrupt the spirit and open the floodgates to more and more of Satan's temptations. However, there is another area that also brings the soul under Satan's control. Because the subject is uncomfortable, it is not talked about that often. It is about self-satisfaction (masturbation). For centuries, masturbation has been widely recognized as a degrading vice. It has been called the "secret vice," and even medical professionals wrote about the supposed health risks that accompany masturbation. For this reason she has also been called "self-abuse".

2 With the openly shown lewdness and widespread immorality of modern society, masturbation has become a socially acceptable alternative to the dangers associated with promiscuity: unwanted or unplanned pregnancy, AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, etc. Even some Christians woo today for masturbation as a way of enabling teenagers and older singles to abstain outside of marriage. However, the wisdom of men is stupid to Yahuwah. Just because you keep repeating the assertion that something is right or acceptable does not automatically become right in Yahuwah's eyes. Society's mores change too often to be a reliable yardstick. Scripture alone is the infallible norm for determining what is right. The Bible does not actually deal explicitly with masturbation. Some people quote Paul and claim that he said it was better to masturbate than "burn", but in truth Paul never said anything like that. In his first letter to the Corinthians, he advocated that it was best for believers to be alone. Given the severe persecution Christians faced at the time, this was not unreasonable advice. Yahuwah himself admonished Jeremiah to remain single, otherwise he would see his wife and children starve to death in the upcoming siege by the Babylonians. Paul actually advised that it was better to get married than "burn". This was understood as a bogus reference to masturbation: Because I wanted everyone to be like me; But I say to single people and widows: It is good for them if they stay like me. But if they cannot abstain, they should marry; because getting married is better than getting on fire. (1 Corinthians 7: 7-9) The main problem with masturbation, and it is a big problem, is that it pollutes the mind, which in turn corrupts the soul. Those who engage in such acts will often have fantasies in order to bring about more intense sexual satisfaction. Sexual fantasies tend to get more and more depraved over time as the initial sexual response diminishes and more and more exciting fantasies need to be used. Such a lack of control over thoughts is at odds with the example Yahushua showed us. For you must be as disposed as Yahushua the anointed was. (See Philippians 2: 5) The spirit of Yahushua was always pure because he surrendered every thought and emotion to the will of his Father. Yahushua clearly stated that having sexual fantasies in the head is as much a sin as having done the deed yourself. He said clearly: You have heard that it was said to the elderly: "You shall not commit adultery!" But I tell you: Whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart. (Matthew 5: 27-28) Masturbation is often the result of other sins, such as movies or TV shows, that stimulate the desire to have sex. Masturbation also goes hand in hand with pornography, as the passions awakened by viewing pornography need the quick gratification attained through masturbation. Masturbation can be very selfish even for married people. It can be easier and faster to get yourself sexual relief than to get it while at the same time selflessly giving pleasure to your partner. Therefore, the marriages of those who enjoy themselves are often affected. Confusion,

3 Pain and a feeling of being betrayed can be triggered in the partner. Sexual intercourse is a beautiful gift from a loving Creator. It is designed to be shared in the intimacy and privacy of marriage. It is also the ultimate expression of love and trust because each selflessly tries to bring joy to the other. When shared in conjugal union, sexual intercourse can bring a couple closer together. Yahuwah created men and women as sexual beings, but of course he did not intend that they should be slaves to their sexual desires. When Adam and Eve were created, they were in full control of their bodies. They were beings whose sexual urges were under the control of their higher nature. Masturbation is an act that is very addictive. One who has acquired the habit of self-gratification will either overcome it in the power and might of the Savior, or he will gradually become more dependent on this behavior. When a man (or woman) masturbates, the desire to masturbate increases every single time you do it. The body produces to the extent that is required of it. Someone who masturbates perhaps only a few times a month will do so more often over time because the need for them increases. Some people have even gotten to the point where they are addicted to sex and where every conscious thought is on sex. Such people are really caught by Satan who can play his evil games with them that he whispers to them. Your only hope is the same as for any sinner: to surrender to Yahushua in order to receive outside strength. Anyone who wants Yahushua to take shape in him will hand over every area of ​​life to the Savior - including the area of ​​their sexuality. If you entrust your sexual urges and desires to Yahuwah, then he does not make you asexual: "And Elohim created man in his image, in the image of Elohim he created him; male and female he created them" (see Genesis 1:27 ). Yahuwah created two separate and distinct sexes. Those who give up their sexuality do not lose their specific gender. Instead, men will be more masculine and women will be more feminine as self-control takes the place of masturbation. The person who has been a slave to his inferior nature will regain the dignity that comes with the freedom that only obedience to divine law can bring. As with any area of ​​life over which Satan seeks control, Yahushua is the answer. "Therefore, he can completely save those who come to God through him, because he lives forever to intercede for them." (See Hebrews 7:25.) Because of our sinful, human nature, we are all born enslaved to Satan. As slaves of Satan, our own willpower makes it impossible for us to set ourselves free, even when we know what is right and what is wrong, even when we yearn to do right and abhor wrong. But just knowing is not enough to really set us free to do the right thing we want to do. This inner struggle between the desire to do what is right and the urge to give in to sin was well described by Paul: for we know that the law is spiritual; but I am carnal, sold under sin. Because I do not approve of what I accomplish; because I don't do what I want, but what I hate, that's what I do. But now I am no longer doing the same thing, but the sin that dwells in me. Because I know that inside of me

4 that means in my flesh there is nothing good; I do have the will, but I do not succeed in doing what is good. Because I do not do the good that I want, but the evil that I do not want, that's what I do. But if I do what I do not want, I no longer do it, but the sin that dwells in me. So I find the law according to which I, who want to do good, have evil clinging to me. For I enjoy the law of God according to the inner man; but I see another law in my members, which wars against the law of my disposition and takes me prisoner under the law of sin which is in my members. I miserable man! Who will deliver me from this dead body? (Romans 7,) This is the heartfelt cry of everyone who has ever tried to overcome their addiction to sin on their own. This verse gives the answer: I thank [...] my God through Yahushua the anointed (Romans 1: 8) There are very, very many sins. For every weakness inherited and loved, there is a temptation that is precisely designed to incite sin. But no matter what sin it is, there is only one answer: the Savior. He is always there and helps in every difficulty. He will give victory to all who ask for it. When the temptation to masturbate comes: 1. Flee immediately in prayer to the Savior. 2. Get away from temptation as much as possible. When you're in bed, get up. If you're in the shower, leave her. Actively distract the mind from it. 3. Do not fill your mind with films, pictures and fantasies that stimulate you to sexual pleasure. 4. Eat simple foods that do not contain strong spices that tend to increase sex drive. Meat and eggs also strengthen the sex drive. 5. Make sure the genitals are clean, as the buildup of body fluids, oils, dead skin cells, etc., that build up on both the male and female genitals can cause irritation and lead to touching to achieve relief. Victory is assured to all who receive it as a gift of faith in the Savior. So now there is no more condemnation for those who are in Yahushua the anointed, who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the Spirit. For the law of the Spirit of life in Yahushua the anointed has set me free from the law of sin and death. What do we want to say about this now? Is Yahuwah for us, who can be against us? He, who even did not spare his own son, but gave him away for all of us, how should he not give us everything with him?

5 But in all of this we overcome far through the one who loved us. For I am certain that neither death nor life, neither angels nor principalities nor powers, neither present nor future, neither high nor low nor any other creature can separate us from the love of Yahuwah, which is in the anointed Yahushua our Lord. (See Romans 8.1-2.31-32.37-39)