Which Indian dish tastes best

Popular dishes of Indian cuisine

Above all, immersing yourself in Indian cuisine is part of the travel experience through India. Anyone new to India can quickly be overwhelmed by the names and the variety of dishes, also because the menu changes from region to region. Chai, samosa and pakora are the most popular street foods in India. In the following I give a short description of a selection of favorite Indian dishes. There are also a number of Indian restaurants in Germany that offer a very good selection of these dishes.


Indian breakfasts are hearty and filling.

Masala Dosa: A wafer-thin, hearty pancake made from rice and lentil flour with a potato filling, coconut chutney and vegetable soup for dipping. (South Indian). Masala Dosa can also be eaten with other meals throughout the day.

Alu Parantha: Alu Parantha is a typical North Indian breakfast. It is a plate-sized flat cake baked in oil and filled with spiced potatoes. Gobi Parantha (flatbreads filled with grated cauliflower) or Egg Parantha (filled with potatoes and egg) also taste good. Yoghurt and pickled vegetables are served with it.

Chana Puri: a breakfast that is popular across India and quite powerful too. Puris are deep-fried flat breads that inflate like balloons. There is also Chana, which are cherry peas in an Indian sauce.


Indians love to snack, the roadside snack stands often open in the late afternoon and then there is a lot of sizzling.

Samosa: deep-fried dumplings with a spicy potato filling

Pakora: fried vegetables in batter with chutney

Momos: Tibetan steamed dumplings filled with vegetables, cheese or meat.

Dinner lunch:

A complete Indian meal consists of rice, Indian bread, an Indian vegetable and a lentil dish, with sliced ​​vegetables, chutney and yoghurt. However in Indian households, the meal can be less generous and then consists of a lentil dish with rice or Indian bread and vegetables. Water is drunk with food.

Paneer: Paneer is the typical Indian cheese. It is a white cream cheese and is cut into cubes. There are dishes that only consist of paneer (paneer butter masala, paneer burji) or certain combinations with various vegetables. Palak Paneer (spinach with cheese) and Matter Paneer (peas and cheese) are particularly tasty and popular.

Malai Kofta: In restaurants you often get rich Indian curries with a lot of cream (Malai) and a base of ground cashew nuts, which form the basis. Kofta are balls made from potatoes and filled with paneer and nuts. A very tasty and sumptuous dish.

Tandoori Chicken: Although India is the land of vegetarians and there is an unbelievable variety of vegetarian dishes, the Indians also know tasty preparations of chicken, goat and Co. The classic is tandoori chicken. The chicken is divided into a spicy yoghurt sauce and then baked in the Indian tandoor oven and served with a salad and a delicious mint and coriander chutney.

Those who do not want to do without meat in India should too Chicken do Pyiaz (Chicken in onion sauce) and Butter Chicken try. In the Himalaya region, Mutton Curry (goat or sheep) is very popular and delicious.

Vegetable biryani: The rice is cooked together with spices and vegetables. It can be a stand-alone meal or combined with various curries. A yogurt dip goes very well with it.

Raita: A yogurt mixed with vegetables or fruit. Pineapple Raita, with pineapple, is very tasty and very refreshing.

Rajma (kidney beans): In addition to the many lentil dishes, called dhal, Rajma is particularly popular among the inhabitants of the mountain states. Not only do they grow rajma, they also eat them almost every day during the winter. Together with rice it is a very tasty and healthy dish.

Thali: If you travel alone and cannot decide what to eat or if you love the combination of many different dishes, you should order a thali. Thali means nothing else than plate. In India this is usually an aluminum plate with smaller and larger bulges, which are then filled with various Indian dishes: rice, lentils, vegetables, paneer, Indian bread, raita, salad and a dessert.


In addition to rice, Indian bread serves as the basis of food, especially in northern India. These breads are mostly flat cakes that are either baked, fried or deep-fried.

Naan: Rich bread baked in a tandoor oven.

Roti: Plain bread baked in the pan without oil or in the oven. They are made from different grains (Missi Roti- lentil flour, Makki Ka Roti-Corn meal, Sogra- millet)

Puri: Flatbreads fried in oil.

Parotha: South Indian, multi-layer bread baked in oil.

Desserts / sweets

Indians love sweetly and really. Sweet is usually not eaten as a dessert, but often as a starter or as a sweet in between.

Jalebis: Shortbread biscuits placed in syrup.

Gajhar Ka Halwa: A dessert made from grated carrots with nuts, fried in oil, a little milk and a lot of sugar.

Barfi: Small cubes of boiled milk with ground nuts, of course sugar and a foil made of real silver.