Why do people hate Greece

Photo poll in Athens: Why do you hate us Germans?

Athens / Brussels - Huge anger in Greece about Germany and the EU saying no to new aid programs!

Around ten thousand people took to the streets in Athens and asked the new Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras (40) to implement a reform ban and additional billions in aid at the EU summit in Brussels today.

BILD asked Greeks in Athens: Why do you hate Germany?

Giorgos Kounis (76), media mogul:

His newspaper "kontranews" regularly incites against Germany. Kounis himself was in jail in 2014 for tax evasion: “We Greeks loved you Germans because you worked so hard. But for the past few years you've literally fucked us! You Germans have committed a great crime with the loans and the savings. "

Teresa Bisa (32), saleswoman:

“You blackmail us with the threat that we will fly out of the euro zone so that we can pay and pay and keep paying! Where is all the money that came to Greece now? Yes, stolen from our politicians! But you don't understand that we normal Greeks simply don't have any more money to pay our bills! "

Christos Spyrou (60), fishmonger:

"Tell Ms. Merkel that we'd rather eat grass and starve than follow her. We are ruined! And you always want to give us new loans that we cannot repay! We don't want more money. German people, we do not hate you! People are the same everywhere, but your politicians want to take over Greece. We will not allow that! "

Filippos Filipakis (55), market trader:

“Germany wants to punish us. Ms. Merkel doesn't care about the poor people in Greece, she doesn't care that there have been more than 7,000 suicides, more than 1,000,000 Greeks are unemployed - she wants to punish and punish us, on and on. This is cruel! The German people are misguided by their government. "

Maria Stylianaki (40) is German-Greek and currently a housewife and mother:

“You just have to see that the money from the EU and Germany was given to a corrupt political system in Greece - and not to a lazy people. But it affects the common people! For many years it was no problem for me to live as a German-Greek in Greece. That has changed. "

Christina Ismaeli (19), political student:

“The German people are slaves of their government. You have made your choice, you are only taking orders from your government. You want to rebel like us, but you can't. Merkel and the German politicians are cruel to us! The austerity reforms of the past four years have not only destroyed one generation here, but also the following. "

Domitrios Patatoukas (70), pensioner, used to work for a company that was taken over by Deutsche Telekom:

“Yes, Ms. Merkel is cruel. But they were not chosen by the German people to take care of us Greeks. Merkel can help us though. But I just don't know if she wants to. History will judge what happens to us now. "

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