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Reduce alcohol consumption: 8 tips to drink less

Whether it's a birthday party, company party or dinner with friends: alcohol is often taken for granted, especially on social occasions. Sometimes the intention is to drink alcohol, even in the name itself, when you are invited to “an after-work beer”, “champagne breakfast” or “toast”. But even when you are alone, alcohol can become a constant companion in your everyday life. Drinking less alcohol or even doing without it is therefore often easier said than done. We have put together 8 tips for you with which you can still reduce your alcohol consumption.

Important: You should definitely refrain from alcohol if you take part in road traffic, during pregnancy and breastfeeding or if you suffer from certain diseases such as liver disease or heart rhythm disorders. Even if you are taking certain medications (e.g. antidepressants), you should not consume alcohol. If you are unsure whether you belong to one of these risk groups or if you do not know exactly how to completely avoid alcohol, talk to your family doctor. This also applies if you feel that you have an alcohol addiction (also called alcoholism). In this case, or if you want to go on alcohol withdrawal, the tips below are not suitable. In such cases, contact your doctor or your doctor.

Regardless of whether you just want to drink less or want to stop drinking alcohol completely: Making a clear decision to change your behavior is the first step to success. You can increase your motivation by making a list of why it is worth drinking less. Write down everything you can think of on this list. Would you like to be healthier, fitter or more productive? What positive impact could it have on your relationships or your body if you cut down on alcohol? Maybe you also want to avoid a headache, nausea, or a low mood the next day?

2Reduce alcohol consumption by planning your activities more consciously

Most of the time, alcoholic beverages are consumed in very specific, recurring situations. An evening with friends in your favorite bar or a beer with colleagues after work: you know best which situations you associate with drinking alcohol.

You can specifically reduce your alcohol consumption by avoiding such typical "drinking situations" as much as possible. It is best to plan an alternative that will make it easier for you to abstain from alcohol. How about, for example, a movie night instead of a visit to your favorite bar? Or do sports together after work instead of an after-work beer?

3 Set a drinking limit for yourself

The situations in which you normally drink alcohol cannot always be avoided. So that you can still reduce your alcohol consumption, it helps you to set a precise goal of how much you want to drink in a certain situation. Make it as specific as possible. You can, for example, decide "I will have a glass of wine and no schnapps at dinner with friends on Friday evening" or "I will only have a beer at pool on Thursday". By setting your goal in advance, you no longer have to decide how much to drink in the situation, but can stick to your plan.

Do you know that? No sooner have you emptied the glass of wine or the bottle of beer than you have the next one in your hand. This is often because a courteous host wants to provide you with the next drink straight away. Sometimes it can just feel weird without a drink in hand. By taking more time and consciously drinking slowly, you can reduce your alcohol consumption without making it uncomfortable for you or your host. Take small sips or orient yourself by another person who is drinking slowly.

5Drink water in between to reduce your alcohol consumption

Drinking a glass of water or other non-alcoholic beverage after every alcoholic drink is also a great way to reduce your alcohol consumption. If you use your wine glass for this, you prevent you from refilling wine again at the same time. As a positive side effect, you not only reduce the amount of alcohol, but also prevent fluid loss. Because even if alcohol is a liquid, it draws water from the body.

6Be careful of what you have in the house

One simple trick you can use to reduce your alcohol consumption is not to have one around. Because availability has a great influence on your drinking behavior. If you open the refrigerator and a chilled bottle of beer or wine is waiting for you, you're more likely to feel like opening it. However, if it is in the basement or even in the supermarket, the chances of reaching for it are lower.

7 Reduce alcohol consumption through alcohol-free alternatives

Although water is healthy, it is often less attractive compared to colorful cocktails or a wine spritzer. The good news is that there are also plenty of non-alcoholic alternatives that can compete with alcoholic beverages in terms of taste and appearance. Whether non-alcoholic beer or cocktail, lemonade or juice spritzers: Try what you like best. Drinks that don't contain alcohol don't have to be a boring substitute.

Telling others about your plans can help you reduce your alcohol consumption. Your family, friends, partner or partner can support you, remind you, and help you put your resolutions into action. It may also make it easier for you to reject alcohol, and your abstinence from alcohol will be better understood through open communication at family celebrations or evenings with friends.

Reducing alcohol consumption: step by step to the goal

Most people who successfully reduce their alcohol consumption take time and try a few things before they achieve their goals. Even if on some days it doesn't work out as you intended: be patient, try out the tips and see what works best for you.

If you notice that you want more support, our online training Drink Less Alcohol could be something for you. The training is based on scientific methods and has been shown to help you drink less alcohol and improve your well-being.

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