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Dog howls: reasons and tips what to do

You leave the apartment and the dog starts to howl. In order to get used to this behavior, a slow and gentle training is necessary.

The yowling is just as much a part of their communication as barking or growling and is different for all dogs: some often howl, others seldom.

Howling: Common Causes

When dogs howl, there can be several reasons:

  • Contact howling: Many dogs howl to show that they belong to the pack. It also strengthens the cohesion, which is why many dogs yelp along.
  • Territorial Howl: Dogs use it to mark their territory. It also has the same purpose as contact howling.
  • Howling at sirens: Alarm signals or sounds from musical instruments sometimes resemble the sound frequencies of dog howls. Here, too, some dogs join in because they associate the tones with other dogs.
  • Howling when ready to mate: If a male sniffs a bitch in heat, it can encourage him to yelp.
  • Howling with separation anxiety: If a dog does not like to be alone, it can cause great stress. Out of frustration or fear of loneliness, he begins to howl.
  • Howling in pain: If a dog seldom whines, but suddenly but constantly, this can be a sign that the dog is in pain. Then you should take your dog to a veterinarian to be on the safe side.

Puppies: Weaning off yowling in the apartment

They scratch the door with their paws and howl: some dogs find it hard to bear being at home alone. It is not uncommon for the fear that the owner will not come back is behind it.

So that it doesn't get that far, you should start training when you are a puppy. However, baby dogs should not really be left alone yet. You train by leaving the room, closing the door - and opening it again immediately. The puppy is ignored when they say goodbye and when they come back - after all, they shouldn't learn that there is something special when their master or mistress leaves.

It is important to keep the period of time so short at the beginning that the dog does not even get to worry - so it is only a matter of seconds. You should increase the duration slowly. During this time, someone should always be on site to step in to take care of them - for example, friends, neighbors, family or dog sitters. In the important puppy season, however, you should not consider this for many hours every day.

Adult dogs: stop yowling in the apartment

Training an adult dog that has had bad experiences alone at home often takes place in even smaller steps. If being alone doesn't work, there are several possible reasons for it. Dogs from animal welfare or who have experienced several changes of ownership can quickly have difficulties. In such cases, it can help to seek advice from a dog expert - and then train hard.

Dog: For fear that their owner will not come back, some dogs sit in front of the door and howl. (Source: Monique W├╝stenhagen / dpa / tmn)

As with the puppies, you close the doors in the apartment several times a day for a very short time, so that the dog is alone in the room. The time span is only slowly increased to a few minutes. And because the dog has already learned that he will be left alone, for example if you take your keys or put on your jacket, you should weaken these key stimuli.

This works with what at first glance appears to be an unusual training. You can take your handbag to the toilet, put on good shoes while watching TV and take your key ring with you to hang up your laundry. This training takes at least weeks. In this phase, the animal must not really be left alone - this would destroy all progress again.

Weaning dogs off howling at night

It starts quite harmlessly: The new cute puppy is often taken to bed with you. But over time, as the dog gets bigger, this often not only becomes a nuisance - it sometimes develops into a real problem. Therefore, keepers should prevent this from happening early on.

It is catastrophic for an animal when a person suddenly says: "You are no longer allowed to sleep here." This often happens when animals start to snore or don't smell as good as they get older. Before you banish your dog from the bedroom after years of nights together, you should find another resting place for him from the start. The best place is a blanket or basket outside the bedroom, where the animal feels comfortable and safe.

Because once the dog is used to nights in the bedroom, weaning can become a strain. This includes, for example, enduring night-long yowling. You should then make the new place nice and comfortable so that the dog will be happy to go there. You should also rely on positive reinforcement, for example with treats. This works very well with dogs. You also need to be consistent if the animal wants to reclaim its place in bed.