What are the best airplane life hacks

Brilliant! These 9 airport hacks will make your trip more enjoyable

The annoying fuss at the security counter, the annoying restrictions for hand luggage and then also the horrific prices for snacks and drinks. Do you find waiting at the airport so frustrating?

So that you can enjoy your trip in a deeply relaxed manner, we have put together 9 ingenious airport hacks for you that will make your time at the airport much less stressful and easier.

1. Bring an empty drinking bottle

The restriction on liquids is extremely annoying. You have to hand in your bottle of water before the security check, but ten meters behind the counter there is a vending machine with overpriced but permitted water. You don't have to get into that. Just bring an empty drinking bottle with you, which you can fill up at a water dispenser after the security check.

You can order a beautiful water bottle made of stainless steel and silicone with a capacity of 500ml right here on Amazon.

2. Avoid crowds by flying at night

Are you allergic to "people standing in the way", families with children and large crowds? Then your next longer flight should be a night flight. This way you have a traffic jam-free journey to the airport, you don't have to wait long in line and you can close your eyes on the plane and wake up at your destination.

3. Always choose the line on the far left

Most people are right-handed and tend to choose the one on the right when there are multiple queues - simply because they are subconsciously drawn there. Stand against this tendency and always choose the queue on the far left. The chances are good that it will be much shorter.

4. Trick out the WiFi restriction

At some airports, free WiFi is only available for a certain time. You circumvent this rule by resetting the clock in your cell phone in good time. So you have even more time available and can lean back and relax. But put it back, don't forget!

5. Take a screenshot of your mobile ticket

Mobile tickets are practical: You don't need to print anything out that could be forgotten or misplaced, you have everything ready in your mobile phone. So that you can show the ticket quickly and easily, you should take a screenshot of your mobile ticket, which you can then easily open in your picture gallery. So you are prepared in the event that you are logged out or your cell phone has no network and the ticket is therefore not displayed.

6. Save the fee for the baggage cart

Some airports charge money to use their baggage carts. You can avoid this by looking for abandoned luggage trolleys in the pick-up area. After loading the car, many people don't feel like pushing the baggage cart back anywhere and just leave it there.

7. Get yourself an external charger

"Oh, I can definitely charge my phone somewhere at the airport." You think! If you've found a socket after a long search, someone has either already anticipated you, or it's located next to the sink in the ladies' room or in the farthest corner of the entrance hall behind a flower pot. Do you really want to spend your time here until departure?

Better get an external charger. You have to charge it regularly so that it can supply your cell phone with power when you are on the move, but it makes you much more flexible. Speaking of charging: In flight mode, your mobile phone charges much faster. Try it out!

You can order an anchor power bank right here at Amazon. It weighs very little, charges your mobile phone super quickly and is sufficient for several charging processes.

8. Reaches the cell phone in an emergency

If your flight is suddenly canceled, the following will most likely happen: All affected passengers will rush to the information desk and want to know what's going on. Don't make the mistake of standing in that queue.

Instead, grab your cell phone and call your airline directly. The employee on the phone will be able to help you just as much as the one at the counter, only that you get there faster than the people in the queue. If you have saved the number beforehand, your advantage is even greater. The counter is only worthwhile if hotel and meal vouchers are distributed as compensation.

By the way: You are entitled to compensation for delays caused by the airline. The amount depends on the length of the delay. If the flight is canceled, several hundred euros can jump out! If you don't want to take care of the paperwork yourself, you can use the compensation portal flightright.de use. The process is super easy and quick here!

9. Take a picture of your parking lot

Should you decide to drive your own car to the airport and park it there, you should take a safety precaution: Take a photo of your parking lot. You will never remember "Level 4, 95th place" after two weeks of relaxing beach vacation. By the way, taking a photo is recommended for every parking garage that you have never been in before.

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