Are people with thin lips bad kissers

What makes a good kiss

Are You a Good Kisser? "Naturally!" you will think now. Most people rate their skills as "good". Many even believe they are real kissing professionals. But aren't you overestimating yourself there? What is a good kiss?

Too much tongue, too much saliva or a fish mouth - a mouth that is barely open with narrow lips - all these pitfalls are there when kissing. And since kissing is usually the preliminary stage of sex, or at least one of the most important expressions of love, it should definitely be good for you, beautiful and, yes, addictive. It would therefore be catastrophic if your partner were reluctant to press his lips to yours. Or?

How good are my kisses

Assessing the quality of your own kiss is difficult: the partner is unlikely to tell the truth. Or do you want to hear from your sweetheart that you are not good at kissing and that your predecessor was better? Rather not.

You could ask your exes. But do you want to give yourself this nakedness? And who knows how objective the evaluation is. There are numerous tests that you can take on the Internet to help. Yes! Really! On the Internet. By answering questions like "If a French kiss were an animal, it would be ..." or "Can you teach someone to kiss?" your kiss quality should be evaluated by means of an algorithm. How is that supposed to work?

Does it depend on practice or technology?

Surely you can improve the quality of your kiss through extensive practice; But just because someone has had many kissing partners, he is far from being a kissing professional - even if most people believe that about themselves.

Maybe refreshing the kissing technique improves the quality? After all, expert opinions on how the ideal kiss should work out abound. The correct angle of inclination of the head, the optimal opening of the mouth, the best tongue technique - or without a tongue? All of these topics have been discussed and researched for years. The question arises: is there a technique for the ideal kiss?

So what makes a good kiss?

First of all, kissing is important to your relationship - sometimes even more important than sex. It is a touch, intimate, tender and yet fleeting. Kissing strengthens the immune system, relieves stress and reduces pain.

Second: Just because you have acquired a new technique through a theory, your partner will certainly not get an orgasm the next time they kiss - I said that in advance. Now comes the big BUT: As in all areas of life, variations increase the tension and the fun. So if you acquire new kissing techniques from guides, YouTube videos or tips from friends, it is certainly not a mistake. At least if you have mastered the new movements and processes properly. But first of all it is necessary to practice, practice, practice. And for your partner: be patient. True to the motto "good things take time". Your partner benefits too, after all. Because through new variations and skills with your lips and tongue, you bring more passion into your kiss again. The new and unknown can also rekindle the fire of your love or let the fallen lust for each other flare up. It is important to get involved with the partner, to find a common rhythm and not to concentrate too much, but simply to feel what feels good.

If that's not an incentive? And the best kisses are those that tear the floor from under your feet, where time stands still and which you can still feel on your own lips minutes later.

Don't panic now

Before you lapse into actionism, I owe you a small note: Most people are very satisfied with the quality of their partner's kiss. Just half of men and women prefer the kisses of previous relationships. Even so, you shouldn't rest on your laurels. Because a little variety has never hurt anyone.

Jennifer Buchholz, Editor at, writes in her column "Lust, Vice, Love" about love, partnership and sex.