Can reconnect a scattered relationship

Lived apart - separation and divorce?

A breakup is never particularly pleasant. However, it is particularly bad if one of the two partners no longer feels anything while the other has still imagined a life together. Often one world collapses for them. This particularly applies to men, who often do not even notice that the quality of the relationship has deteriorated, as they often do not even have the need for excessive conversations and joint ventures. They don't even notice that they have drifted apart. For them, a breakup often comes suddenly without any warning. But there were enough of them.

Because women tend to express their displeasure within a relationship more often, while men perceive dissatisfaction, but do not perceive it as as threatening as women do. When the separation interview then takes place, they become aware for the first time that it was not just insubstantial grumbling but deep displeasure. Most of the time, understanding and asserting that everything will change from now on is in vain.

But the other way around, it can also be the case that it is the man who surprises the woman with a breakup out of the blue. It is exactly the same here that the partner overlooked the warning signs. For men, however, these consist less of constant complaints than of staying away from the shared apartment, working overtime and long evenings with friends.

It can of course be the opposite in both cases, but women and men tend to have one different communication behaviorwhen it comes to needs and problems. But even if one of the two partners regrets not having dealt with the obvious dissatisfaction earlier, in most cases it is too late and a separation due to the widespread reason "lived apart" is inevitable.