How recruiters review candidates


Why invest a lot of money in the search for personnel by a headhunter when you only have to pay if you are successful? Many companies still believe that they can do without a personnel consultant due to the supposedly high costs and rely on the success factor.

Just so that there is no wrong impression here. In general, hiring a personnel consultant has nothing to do with the fact that the company does not trust its own personnel department to fill a vacant position. That would have been too short. A good personnel consultant has more and different opportunities to look for and find a suitable candidate because of his job. The HR consultant is the extended arm of the HR department. He supplements and supports the work of the HR department with his expertise

Difference between personnel consultants and recruiters

The difference between a recruiter and a recruiter lies in their performance. Unfortunately, this is often not apparent to the customer, since bad recruiters also like to disguise themselves as good recruitment consultants in order to appear higher quality. Since many companies do not know the difference, the fallacy is often made that it is the same, only the price is significantly more expensive for some. Personnel placement is a completely different business model than personnel consulting.

Pay only if successful - the business of pure recruiters

The principle of success, known from various corporate divisions, is a tempting alternative for many companies when looking for personnel. However, it is only a "brokerage". With this variant of the personnel search, several recruiters can be assigned to fill the vacant position. The companies start from the misconception: the more HR professionals they hire, the more likely they are to find the right candidate. And they only have to pay the one whose candidate comes into play.

Successful order = lowest possible effort

But beware! Such actions can be eye-catching. Many so-called "profile sliders" promise a lot and the occupation is taking much longer than planned. You have to be aware that the recruiter has no budget for his search. Since he has to finance the search out of his own pocket, he strives to achieve success with the least possible effort and investment. Because it is not said that the effort is worth it. Two or three months are quickly wasted.

In the rarest of cases, a suitable candidate

So the recruiter is not actively looking for the best candidate for the client. Rather, it uses its existing database. In 90 percent of the cases he does not have the right candidate in his database who just happens to be willing to change. Because his peers act in the same way, the same candidates will be targeted by different recruiters. The unprofessional approach falls back on the company. The attractiveness of the position suffers as well as the image of the company.

Quantity instead of quality means recruitment

With only success in mind, the recruiter presents the company with as many candidates as possible in the hope that one will get through. Whether their profile matches the requirement profile does not matter to him. The broker is not interested in the success of the company, but only in his own. The “fast euro” is the goal. And since several recruiters are often hired at the same time, it is easy to imagine the mountains of candidate profiles that land on the desk of the HR manager in the company.

If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys!

If you don't pay anything, you can't expect anything. Customers are always annoyed that they received absolutely unsuitable candidates from agents. Above all, the work with them remains with the contracting company. Because after a lengthy examination of all candidate profiles, there is usually no suitable candidate left. Or interviews with them just cost time and nerves. This form of personnel search brings a large number of serious personnel consultants into disrepute and has lasting damage to the image of the entire personnel industry.

Frustration and damage to the image of the headhunter

Since this “penguin race” is only at the expense of the customer's time and resources, one can only advise urgently: Stay away from successful models! If the position in the company is important, there is no alternative to a direct search. Serious consultants can be based on payment in the form of a flat rate or a percentage of the salary with a third rule. In addition, only one headhunter should look exclusively for a suitable candidate.

Search with guaranteed placement in the Executive Search

A serious recruiter will search until he has found the right and most suitable candidate. He is supported in his search by his own researchers and project managers who have specialized in this particular industry and position. These people are working flat out to search the market for the right candidate.

Advantages of a renowned personnel consultancy

Commissioning a reputable personnel consultancy offers a guarantee of recruitment and security. Because she only accepts an assignment if she can guarantee that the position will be adequately filled. The quality of the candidate found ensures a return on investment and thus a good price-performance ratio. Because such candidates do not read job advertisements or are unemployed. You sit safely and successfully in your position. And a serious and good HR consultant has the experience and know-how to poach this candidate and inspire them for the vacant position. The sustainability of the investment in a professional search for personnel is shown by the fact that the candidates have successfully established themselves in their jobs.

The time and resource savings for the HR department should not be underestimated. She is relieved by the use of a personnel consultant. She can concentrate on the core issues in the company again.

Finding an executive is like finding a needle in a haystack

The quality of the candidate found goes hand in hand with the exclusivity of a search. Most clients have a clear picture of who they want to hire. In the case of an exclusive job, the personnel consultant looks for and finds the needle in the haystack based on his experience, his industry knowledge and his network. Above all, he checks beforehand whether the candidate fits into the company and the team personally.

Multiple return on investment through a renowned personnel consultancy

A recruitment consultant is always worthwhile. The cost of hiring a good HR consultant is low in relation to the added value that the new candidate brings to the company. A manager with a good performance can reap the capital invested in the search through his contribution to increasing sales many times over.