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Requirements and recommendations

Requirements for organizers

To set up and control the video conference:

  • Workstation computer / notebook / tablet (Windows, Mac, Unix) with web browser
    • With (as powerful as possible) a connection to the Internet
    • A wired connection is preferable to WLAN.
  • Valid UniAccount
    • Please note the different access conditions for the various services
    • Secondary accounts do not have host authorization for video conferencing
    • E-mail address (in the address area of ​​the University of Kassel) for sending the invitations and for communicating with the participants

Requirements for all participants

A terminal device for participating in the video conference

The video conferences can be accessed via various devices. The simplest option is access via the web browser of a standard workstation computer / notebook. Any client programs that may be required will then be loaded and installed automatically.

  • Workstation computer / notebook (Windows, Mac, Unix)
  • if necessary, classic video conference devices (connection via H.323 or SIP) - depending on the conference software used
  • Smartphones or tablets with the app for the conference software used (for Android or Apple operating systems)
  • Dial-in by phone

Audio-video equipment:

  • Web camera (mostly already built into notebooks, tablets and smartphones)
  • Microphone and speaker output
    • To avoid echoes and background noise, all participants (with the exception of video conference systems) should use a headset (headphones / earphones with microphone).

Connection to the Internet:

  • A powerful Internet connection is helpful for good video and audio quality
  • A wired connection is preferable to WLAN.
  • When used at home, poor connection quality can possibly be improved if other data-intensive Internet uses (e.g. video streaming by other household members) are paused for the duration of the conference.
  • The organizer should be given an email address to receive the invitation and, if necessary, to communicate with the participants.

Recommendations for organizing the conference:

  • Make sure the background is calm (and tidy)
    • Avoid moving elements in the background as much as possible (e.g. fan, fluttering curtains, people walking by, etc.)
  • Create a quiet environment during the conference
    • Close windows and doors to block out sources of noise
    • Avoid interference from visits, the phone or messenger
  • Make sure there is good lighting
    • Bright and glare-free lighting is ideal (indirect light from above and / or from the direction of the camera)
    • Avoid back light (windows in the back of the participant) and strong side lighting (participants are shown too dark).
    • Colored light or reflections from colored surfaces (e.g. furniture) can lead to unfavorable color distortions.
  • Maintain conversation discipline
    • Speak clearly at normal conversation volume and speed.
    • Depending on the transmission quality, there may be small delays in video and sound transmission. Talking at the same time therefore leads to mutual interference and confuses the participants.
    • If you want to say something, raise your hand, if necessary, or use the options built into the video conference clients to ask you to speak.
    • Switch your microphone to mute and only switch it on for the duration of your speech. In this way you avoid the transmission of annoying background noises to all participants.

Video conferences with the conference platform DFNconf-Pexip (start by clicking on the picture)