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The job as an SEO manager is

  • currently very popular
  • in international demand
  • associated with constant learning
  • in demand in many areas
  • well paid

Tasks as SEO manager

  • Keyword research
  • Interface work with external service providers
  • Organization of link cooperations
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Market observations
Annual salary:
32,000 and 65,000 euros

Depending on

  • Corporate branch
  • Company size
  • your already existing experiences
  • Location

Are you currently looking for a job? Do you want to find the perfect job for you? Did you come across the job of SEO manager by chance and are now wondering whether this could possibly be your dream job? We will of course answer all of these questions for you. Among other things, we will show you how to become an SEO manager, what tasks await you in this profession and of course how much money you can earn as an SEO manager.

The most common questions about the SEO Manager

Questions about the SEO Managerreply
What is an SEO Manager?An SEO manager is an expert in search engine optimization. Its job is to place a company's website as high as possible in the search results. A wide variety of techniques are used for this purpose.
What does an SEO manager do?An SEO manager is responsible for the ranking and usability of a company website. He analyzes and plans strategies, which are then implemented by him and the entire team.
How do I become an SEO Manager?In addition to training and studying, self-taught learning of the important skills and abilities to become an SEO manager is also possible.
What does an SEO manager earn?An annual salary between 32,000 and 65,000 euros gross is possible for the SEO manager.

What is SEO Management?

= the measures and analysis options that are used to adapt the structure and content of a page to search engines.

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Current vacancies & jobs as SEO manager

SEO manager: definition

Are you currently looking for a job? Do you want to find the perfect job for you? Did you come across the job of SEO manager by chance and are now wondering whether this could possibly be your dream job? We will of course answer all of these questions for you. Among other things, we will show you how to become an SEO manager, what tasks await you in this profession and of course how much money you can earn as an SEO manager.

The tasks of an SEO manager are extremely diverse and cannot be described that easily. He takes care of the on-page as well as the off-page optimization of the website and tries to improve the visibility of the page in the search engines through various measures.

As an SEO manager, you ask yourself the following questions:

How do search engines operate?

How can a website be optimized so that search engines can find it better?

The core tasks of an SEO manager include the planning and development of concepts and ideas that are intended to optimize the website. These plans are then implemented by him alone or in a team.

Because if optimization potential can be found, the SEO manager revises the website, e.g. with regard to user-friendliness and usability, or after keyword research places the appropriate content on the page.

In addition, the SEO manager works with various external service providers to generate link cooperations, or various internal departments (e.g. copywriters) to achieve the desired result.

Research work should be yours, because the SEO Manager carries out statistical surveys and analyzes them in order to determine the current search engine trends and to integrate them on your own website.

Some SEO managers work very closely with customers, this is especially the case in agencies, and train them in the various methods in the field of SEO management so that they can take over part of the work themselves, if that is the customer's request.

SEO Manager: Requirements

Before you take the first steps to become an SEO manager, you should take the time to check to what extent the profession would be something for you. Because as an SEO manager you have to work very carefully and proceed analytically.

Often, as an SEO manager, you can organize your time freely, but that carries the risk of dawdling. So manage your time well and stay calm even in stressful situations. Because the job as an SEO manager is fast moving and you have to be able to react well to changes.

The interpersonal component is not that unimportant for a good SEO manager. Because often enough you work as an SEO manager in a team and have to be able to convince people of your ideas. Of course, you need good marketing expertise, which you are always ready to expand.

In the best case scenario, you can even code, but this is not a must to be hired as an SEO manager.

Your skills

SEO Manager: Apprenticeship & Studies

For a long time there was no training or study opportunity to learn the profession of SEO manager from scratch. However, there are currently the first courses and apprenticeships that deal specifically with this topic. The most recent apprenticeship in this subject area is the “specialist in e-commerce”, which is supposed to prepare the student for the job of SEO manager. There are also e-commerce courses at various universities and technical colleges, which also have SEO in their subject complex.

However, these qualifications are not currently important for starting a career. You can assume that you can land a job as an SEO manager with a completed degree or with a completed apprenticeship. Much more important, however, are the willingness to train independently and a deep interest in the subject. Accordingly, as a trainee or career changer, you can usually find a job as an SEO manager without any problems if you prepare well and keep up with the times.

Current vacancies & jobs

SEO Manager: getting started

There are three options for most career entrants:

Graduate (studies / training)

All three options are available with the SEO Manager. People with appropriate professional experience are of course particularly in demand as SEO managers. Young companies and start-ups are also looking for young professionals who bring fresh and modern ideas with them and who are able to help shape the image of the company.

As applicants with professional experience and, above all, as lateral entrants, various skills are particularly popular with companies. Often the desired hard skills are such as knowledge of a program or tools that an SEO manager needs. These experiences and skills can therefore significantly improve your chances. Points also with experience:

  • in project management
  • generally in the field of marketing
  • in personnel management

Helpful soft skills as an SEO manager

The professional qualifications naturally play an important role for an SEO manager. But the soft skills are what set a good and successful SEO manager apart. Because the trend is moving away from the fact that SEO managers plan and implement the various SEO measures single-handedly, since an integration into the overall strategy of the company, with the participation of many, is usually more successful.

As an SEO manager, you not only have to have good communication skills and good teamwork skills, but also generally be able to convince in the area of ​​networking. In addition, direct customer contact is often part of the SEO manager's job.

Communication skills also play a particularly important role in customer contact, as customers should be convinced by the company.

  • Interest in new developments
  • Resilience
  • Stress resistance
  • Negotiation security
  • Assertiveness
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to work in a team
  • creativity
  • Organizational skills
  • Persuasiveness
  • quick grasp
  • excellent customer service

SEO Manager: Industries & Areas

SEO managers are needed in many industries. As a rule, however, SEO work is outsourced to external companies. Accordingly, there are many service agencies that focus exclusively on SEO work.

Here you can work as an SEO manager for a wide variety of clients and contribute your knowledge and experience in many different areas.
Really large companies from a wide variety of industries, which are strongly linked to the Internet, also have their own SEO teams that do the work in-house. Here, too, you can find a job as an SEO manager, but in this case you only work for one client and therefore only for one subject area.

Other areas for the SEO manager:

The salary for the job of SEO Manager certainly also plays an important role for most when it comes to choosing a career. However, the amount depends on many different factors. First of all, of course, the training or entry into the job is particularly important.

If you want to work as a lateral entrant as an SEO manager, you have to expect a relatively low salary at the beginning. SEO trainees usually receive an annual gross salary of up to 24,000 euros in the first year. This is mainly due to the fact that lateral entrants often do not have the necessary skills yet and for this reason they often have to be learned in the specialist area first.

It looks different if you switch directly to a job as an SEO manager with a suitable qualification. Here you can expect an annual salary of up to 38,000 euros. The salary now increases with your own professional experience and of course also depending on your further qualifications. Experienced SEO managers can also advance in salary levels of around 65,000 euros per year and thus earn very well in their profession.

The amount of the salary depends not only on your experience and qualifications, but also on the size of the company you work for. Larger companies with more customers usually pay significantly better than small companies with only local customers. Nevertheless, the salaries that can be achieved as an SEO manager are quite considerable.

Career prospects& Career opportunities as a business SEO manager

further education

As an SEO manager, you are largely responsible for the success of a company. Because the presentation of the company on the Internet and the company's ranking depend largely on your performance and skills. However, as the requirements of search engines and the market are constantly changing and improving, you always have to stay up to date. Constant and permanent training is therefore essential for you as an SEO manager.

It is not only important to observe the current developments in search engines, but also the general trends in IT and web design in order to be able to react as comprehensively as possible to new trends. The better and more comprehensive you learn and the better you can incorporate the knowledge into your work, the greater the professional success.

Promotion opportunities & career prospects

Basically, there are quite a few opportunities for advancement as an SEO manager. These depend primarily on the length of time you have been with the company and the success of your work. The better you work and the more experience you have, the higher the chances are that you can advance to, for example, Senior SEO Manager. As Head of SEO, you will even be given personnel responsibility, as you are now jointly responsible for the employees in your team. However, there are only a few opportunities to advance further from this position. However, you can of course also set up your own business as an SEO manager and thus offer your services on the open market. So there are definitely opportunities to improve and increase your own leeway in a targeted manner.

Current vacancies & jobs as SEO manager

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