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Letter to the editor on the referendum Reform of old-age provision - The reform of old-age provision does not affect current retirees, but future ones. They are facing a deterioration in the 2nd pillar because the pension funds can no longer invest their assets as profitably as they were before the financial crisis. This loss is compensated by an improvement in the AHV pension. The future amount of the pensions together will therefore roughly correspond to the previous amount. This is of course not available for free, because the loss of income in the 2nd pillar must be offset by higher AHV income. The AHV collects the money from VAT and slightly higher wage deductions. The slogan “secure pensions” is precisely what these issues are. The adjustment of the women's retirement age to that of men is correct for fundamental equality considerations, but in view of the real still existing wage inequality it is doubtful. The toad can only be swallowed because the overall package also has improvements for women. This applies in particular to the improved position in the 2nd pillar, because now also lower incomes are insurable and thus pensionable. Another plus point for me is the improvement in the flexible retirement age, which also brings a clear advantage over the previous solution for lower wages. All in all, a compromise where the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. The no to this compromise does not come from the left or the center, but from the right. And we know what these groups are striving for: a worse, more expensive and more anti-social solution with a retirement age of 67.

Hans-Jürg Fehr, Schaffhausen

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The corona pandemic has not only triggered an unprecedented health crisis in our country, but also a moral crisis. The way in which the pandemic has been dealt with so far does not reflect the basic values ​​on which the Swiss state is based.
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