What are some unforgettable moments in life

5 unforgettable moments we will never forget

Last update: 10 August, 2017

Life consists of moments and some of them are absolutely unforgettable, partly because they will not repeat themselves. We may experience something better or worse, but we never experience a second time that crucial moment in our lives that changed us forever. These are moments that open our eyes to something transcendental that we did not know before.

These moments leave a deep mark on us. It can even happen that we lose them from consciousness, but in our subconscious they are stored forever. These moments are not always of a happy nature, but the less pleasant feelings no longer leave us either. They give a deeper meaning to the entirety of our experiences.

"Sometimes you only know the true value of a moment when it becomes a memory."

Dr. Seuss

Why can a single moment now and then be more crucial than a whole length of time? This is the case when there is a key moment in our life that makes something clear to us. Such moments open our eyes to something unknown. In this sense they introduce a new dimension and therefore we do not forget them. For this reason, throughout the rest of this article, we'd like to share five of those moments that we'll never forget.

1. One of those unforgettable moments: When we first get into a relationship

The first time we partner with another person, we have already spent several years on this earth. But in general there are still too few to be able to say that this moment is one of the most emotional of our lives. Opening the door to the world of love and sexuality in partnership means welcoming one of the crucial phases of our lives.

Usually what binds us to this person is not actual love, at least not in the truest sense of the word. Nevertheless, this moment represents a first great challenge and at the same time is a great revelation. The challenge is to test ourselves as partners, and it is a revelation as we find out what our love for others is like. After that we will never be the same again.

2. Our first paid job

One of the most unforgettable moments in life is when we are first paid for a job we have done. This does not mean household chores that our parents sometimes assign us, but official work that has nothing to do with the family.

At this moment we realize that we are experiencing for the first time what autonomy and freedom mean. It is, almost always, a feeling of sheer contentment. We feel that we are capable of something. When the pay is reasonably fair, we associate the work with something positive. Maybe this is the moment where we really feel like adults.

3. The first time you saw your father cry

The father is a character that is always surrounded by something mystical. He is the head of the family, the captain, the leader in many ways. That's why it's an unforgettable moment when we see our father cry for the first time. His tears shake something deep inside us and we understand that he, even more than a father, is a vulnerable person - just like us.

Some have never seen their father cry and others have never seen their father cry at all. But these people certainly have an authority figure by their side who symbolically represents this figure, even if not always in a clear way. This person, who symbolizes power for us, has a strong influence on our emotional world and their strength can impress us enormously. When these people break down, we realize that anyone can break down.

4. A person's help at a moment of our worst time in life

It is the most unforgettable moment to feel that every door has closed on an interpersonal relationship, dream or other matter. As happy and fulfilled as a person is, they can never escape such moments. It then appears as if there is no way out. Everything is dark and we don't know what to do. We feel like there is something we cannot defeat and we feel incapable.

In those moments when no one can hide, someone offers us a helping hand - someone we expect that from or someone completely different. Some are blessed with someone by their side who offers them great support and generous help. Others have someone who just gives them a smile or soothes them with just their voice. But in any case, this voice that brings relief or this gesture of solidarity becomes a wonderful and unforgettable memory.

5. The death of a loved one

We will never forget the first time the door of death opens before us, especially the first time it meets someone we love. To see a loved one dead or to find out that they are no longer alive makes it clear to us that life is not infinite.This reminds us that we too have to die at some point and do not walk forever on earth.

When a loved one dies, the feeling of being lost is joined by grief, which cannot be compared to any other feeling. The words "a loss for ever" are clearly emerging. We then understand that life is limited and these moments slowly teach us how to say goodbye.

All of these moments affect our emotions. They all put a stamp on us that will shape us forever. That is why we feel it not only when we experience it, but also when we remember it. They are there, in our blood, reminding us of who we are, where we come from and that one day our hearts will stop beating.

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