Here is someone obsessed with Donald Trump

We should have seen it coming. Even in his election campaign for the 2016 Election, Donald Trump made an unbelievable mess about himself. He promised "Americagreat again " wanted to build a wall to Mexico and even called for his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton to be locked up ("Lock Her Up", "Lock her up").

When Donald Trump actually won the election and became the 46th President of the United States, it wasn't just the United States that was shaken. "Fright. Bewildered. Rigid shock " wrote the time back then. And let's be honest: Somehow Trump managed to prevent us from getting out of this mode. The 74-year-old makes headlines every day with his behavior and decisions. And what we do? We read these insane reports and even listen to him. Just as if we were obsessed with Donald Trump. Can it really be?

Obsessed with Donald Trump: That's it!

Here too, in the wmn editorial office, goes by hardly a day on which we do not report on Donald Trump. Sometimes it's bizarre stories (why are scented candles burning in the White House because of Donald Trump), shocking statements (those were Donald Trump's most racist statements) or strange questions (Donald Trump: "Why don't suburban women like me?"). Actually, we, wmn, are a lifestyle magazine for young women, but in the last few months we have at least at times developed into a Trump newsroom. How many times have we just waited Trump's latest faux pas to uncover?

Find out more about Donald Trump's bizarre résumé in the video.

Now we could just stop reporting on him. Ignore his absurd behavior. Just stop paying attention to him. But would that be correct? After all, he's still the President of the United States of America. With that he was given an undreamt-of power. In this country, too, his actions have consequences. So we'll report after all.

But I also have to admit: Donald Trump has a tremendous entertainment factor. Hardly any politician delivers so many countless moments that are a topic of conversation as he does. That is of course one of his autocratic kind ("I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot someone and still I wouldn't lose any voters."), his unwavering self-confidence ("The Best President God Ever Created") and his openly lived sexism ("It really doesn't matter what the media writes as long as you have a young and beautiful bum.").

What is information and what is obsession?

It's a bit like a car accident. I just can't look the other way when Trump says, does or does anything. Because with every further questionable statement, every additional scandal and every unbelievable scandal, I ask myself how such a person could be elected by the American people

Well-known American historian Timothy Snyder expressed it in an interview with t-online like this: “He's an entertainer. Trump was never a successful entrepreneur, as he likes to claim ", says the expert. "But he has for a long time played a successful entrepreneur on television - and building on that, he managed to be elected to the White House. "

And so the whole thing quickly turns: The information becomes an obession. Yeah, I might be a little obsessed with Donald Trump. But not because I appreciate Donald Trump. No, because I'm not doing it right now.

What are we going to do without Trump?

By the way, being obsessed with Donald Trump is one common problem. Also the New York Times already reported about the suffering. Columnist Frank Bruni complained: “And now I'm writing about Trump again. It's a tick that I'm not proud of. But I am giving myself to this now to acknowledge that I cannot go on doing this. None of us can. "

He is right! We need to break away from our obsession with Donald Trump. It won't be easy. That much is clear. Because even if Joe Biden solemnly takes over the office of US President on January 20, Donald Trump will unfortunately not be away from the media window. He has big plans and wants to start his own television station. However, experts predict the real estate mogul will have a future in prison or in the poor house. So enough material to keep journalists and readers busy. But that much is clear: The frequency of Trump news will be lower. And we will finally take a deep breath and can devote ourselves to more important people and topics. Even if they may have less entertainment factor ...

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