Children can visit their parents in prison


the corona virus is messing everything up. You have probably already noticed: At school, in the supermarket and when you want to visit other people, for example friends or grandma and grandpa. There are new rules everywhere and everyone is very careful.

It's the same in prison! Perhaps you have already been very annoyed about Corona because you were no longer allowed to visit mom or dad in prison or the visits were very strange.

One thing is clear: Nobody wants to annoy you or your parents! The point is that nobody gets infected with the disease. This is the most important thing for everyone and you can help!

On this page we have answered a few questions that you may have already asked yourself. We hope that they will help you understand everything a little better.

Since the course of the disease can change quickly in Germany, i.e. how many people have been infected in which region, the rules sometimes change quite quickly.

Whenever we find out that something has changed in the prisons in Berlin, we write it down here.

We wrote this text on July 1st and updated it on December 2nd.

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Note: The rights of use for the texts and comics are held by the Senate Department for Justice, Consumer Protection and Anti-Discrimination in Berlin. These can be used for digital and analog public relations and visitor information in prisons and advice centers. However, a reference to the origin is mandatory.


Why is Corona particularly dangerous in prison?

Many people live together in prison and often meet. If one person has the corona virus, it is very easy for the others to get infected.

Some people in prison already have illnesses, such as a heart problem. Then Corona is particularly dangerous. Because a body that is not healthy cannot fight the virus as well.

Can I visit mom or dad in prison?

People in prison are allowed to have visitors again, but very specific rules apply.

Only one adult is allowed to come and fewer people should come at a time. If your families can, it would be better if there was only one child, but in exceptional cases there may be more.

All people who visit must wear a mask over their mouth and nose. Often there is also a pane that is set up between the people through which one can see oneself. You mustn't touch.

Why are visits to prison so weird now?

The people who work in prison are worried about the health of your dad or mom. They really want to prevent anyone in prison from getting the disease and then infecting others.

You can get infected especially when you are close. When you talk to each other or hug each other, tiny bits of spit fly through the air and then land with the other. This is how the virus can get from one body to the other.

So that that doesn't happen, there are now partitions in the prison and you can only see yourself from a great distance.

Where can I see what rules there are in mom or dad's jail?

The rules are not the same in all prisons because all prisons look different. Depending on what the visiting rooms look like, you can either keep your distance good or bad. All prisons had to come up with something different for the visits.

You can read about what to watch out for in every prison on the website.

What are they doing in prison so that mom or dad don't get sick?

All the rules that apply now - you can also say measures - are there to protect your mom or dad from Corona.

This also means that all people who work in prison and also the prisoners have to wash and disinfect their hands very often (disinfectants make hands much cleaner than soap).

All visitors are also asked whether they are healthy and whether they have had contact with sick people. That could have been here in Berlin or on vacation. It is very important that you only go to jail when you are feeling completely healthy.

If a person gets sick in prison, regardless of whether the illness has to do with the corona virus or it is a completely different illness, there are many people who can then take care of them: e.g. doctors, nurses. They even have their own hospital where patients are treated. There are exactly the same opportunities to help sick people as outside of prison.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

If the adults around you cannot answer your questions, you can also contact these offices:

Project aufGefangen (Ms. Fröhlich, Ms. Stein and Mr. Ebeling)

  • website
  • Telephone: 030 44 36 24 52
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. To display JavaScript must be turned on!

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