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Tunnel ventilation (German) [edit]

Noun, f[To edit]

Word separation:

Tun · nel · ent · lüf · tung, plural: Tun · nel · ent · lüf · tun · gen


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Audio samples: Tunnel ventilation (Info)


[1] the venting of a tunnel for air renewal


Determinative compound, composed of the nouns tunnel and Venting

Sense releated words:

[1] Building ventilation, smoke extraction from tunnels

Opposite words:

[1] Tunnel ventilation

Generic terms:

[1] Ventilation, technology


[1] "To Tunnel ventilation A fireplace is to be created centrally, the dimensions of which are controversial in specialist circles with a view to the emissions situation in the adjacent residential area. "[1]
[1] “The Simotics DP definite-purpose motors are custom-made, for example motors for roller tables in the steel industry, for fire gas applications in buildings and Tunnel ventilation as well as for cranes in practically all common designs. Ship engines for use below deck complement this class. "[2]
[1] “It can make immission forecasts for different types of Tunnel ventilation In particular, ImPorTun can also be used to clarify whether (or when) it is even necessary to operate the ventilation in normal operation, or whether the natural dilution of the pollutants (by the wind and the buoyancy effect of the heated exhaust air) and the concentrations in the portal environment are not already sufficiently reduced. "[3]
[1] “One of the most central questions of the project is this Tunnel ventilation.[4]

Word formations:

[1] Tunnel ventilation system

Translations [edit]

References and further information:

[1] Wikipedia article "Tunnel ventilation"