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Debate on Stop the Incitement against Islam!


What speaks against this petition?

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I am not signing that. Here an ideology of hatred and violence is played down. One cannot incite against Islam. He's bad at the baiting. All over the world people are massacred in the name of the oh-so-peace-loving Islam, people of different faiths, homosexuals, apostates, etc. Islam? No thanks.

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Only today did I read that the Islamic brotherhood is expanding further. One of their big goals is the Sharia in Germany. I say no to Sharia, I say no to Islam. The majority of you have shown that Islam does not fit Germany's value principle. Rather, I am in favor of preventing this for the benefit of all others (and we predominate). Espionage by Ditib in this country at that. You then accuse us of xenophobia. You profess that we want to protect ourselves from this drift. Germany should stay Germany!

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Somehow Islam has developed into the culture or belief that spreads fear and horror here in Germany the most. Personally, in my life in Berlin I have met thousands of people of different religions, skin colors or beliefs. I have never seen hatred and violence from e.g. Asians. Jews ... fully integrated. Blacks unless they belong to Islam ... fully integrated. So far I have only experienced violence and hatred from our fellow Muslim citizens. THERE IS NO TALK OF HIT! On the contrary, far too much is swept under the table.

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The media make a very precise distinction between Islam and Islamism, which is a violent interpretation of the Koran. As a result, "Islamist terror" is also the correct name because the attackers refer to their violent interpretation of the Koran. This terror has no other purpose than to get closer to Allah. The Koran is therefore not a mere pretext but the source of terror.

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It is not incitement to state the motivation of terrorists by calling it "Islamist terrorism". Unfortunately, it is the case that partially completely deluded followers of this belief are currently the focus of the media due to terrorist attacks. These do not say that all Muslims are terrorists, but that, for example, IS justifies its actions with Islam is a fact.

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The term "agitation" implies a lack of objectivity that simply does not exist. It is more objective to state the relationship between attacks and parts of the Islamic population. This reference is not invented by the media, but confirmed by the leaders of the assassins every time they invoke their religion. Of course, it is not a statement about all Muslims. There are very good people among the Muslims. But the good are one part of Islam, the bad another. Islam is both a religion of peace and war.

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Our children are restricted in their free development by withholding pork because of wrong consideration for your children. Exceptions should be made for you. German butchers have to remove pigs from their exhibition windows because of you. Where does tolerance come from on your part? Not much of that to be seen. Where are the protests against child marriages that have been carried more and more here by the new "guests", by Muslim "guests" on your side? Many of you pissed off that German law is under the Koran.