Why do you love your mother

For the best mum in the world

Mama is the very best!

Hardly any other person shapes us as much as our mother.

So it's high time to tell her again that she's the best mom in the world.

Too often we forget to show the mother how much we need and love her. We should just say thank you more often for all the small and big things that she has done for us and is still doing.

For all the nights she lay awake caring for us. For every encouragement, every smile and every conversation in which she explained life to us.

After all, your own mother always only wants the best for her child, even if you often didn't want to admit it in the past.

She takes us for who we really are. With all the supposed flaws and flaws. Nobody loves someone like a mother loves her child. It is an unconditional love that nothing can shake.

"For my parents - you are my origin, my trust, my island and my treasure, my mouth shapes your laughter, my heart beats your rhythm" - Julia Engelmann

We take on so much from our parents. Often it is the look, the facial expressions or the same laugh. The same empty phrases, excuses and cooking skills. But we also adopt values, beliefs and our behavior from our mom and dad. They shape us down to the smallest detail.

There is a special bond between mother and child - a friendship and love that lasts forever.

That's why you're the best mom in the world

There are tons of reasons why your mom is the best mom in the world. Here we have put together 11 reasons for you that probably apply to every mom.