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DHBW Mannheim

A dual business administration degree for digital transformation

digitalization - the catchphrase of the 21st century. It is a matter of course in everyday life, but it keeps things moving in business: workflows run digitally, in Industry 4.0 digitally controlled machines are increasingly taking on tasks. Processes and systems require constant optimization at an ever faster pace. In order to master new challenges and opportunities profitably, business administration knowledge and aspects of digitization must be combined in all industries.

Shaping digital business models

The DHBW Mannheim is responding to this with the course in Digital Business Management Labor market requirements. Our graduates work at the interface between business administration and IT. You plan and implement digitization processes and develop new products and services. So they work on, for example digital marketing strategies via social media, act in the Recruiting on online platforms or design new digital ones Financial products based on innovative technologies such as B. Big Data Analytics. All activities focus on business management thinking and acting.

Scoring points in business: With knowledge from business administration, IT and the digital economy

core of the dual course of study forms the Business administration. It is based on basic knowledge from the areas IT and Digital economy added. This includes modules such as "Business Analytics" or "IT Security and IT Law in the Digital Economy". In Electives our students can deepen their broad cross-sectional knowledge. Experts from the field provide you with the necessary know-how to be able to support your company successfully in processes of digital change - even during the practical phases at the dual partner.