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"The Prince of Zamunda 2" beats every Netflix film: Amazon announces streaming record for the past 12 months

"The Prince of Zamunda 2" hit Amazon Prime Video like a bomb. So much so, in fact, that Akeem's (Eddie Murphy) royal rear end can now take a seat on the streaming throne. The sequel to the cult comedy of the 80s had the best opening weekend of all films that have been released for streaming in the past twelve months, according to an analysis by the market research company Screen Engine / ASI (via The Hollywood Reporter).

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Another noteworthy record emerges from the statistics: “The Prince from Zamunda 2” thus celebrated the most successful streaming start during the corona pandemic.The Amazon success not only beats every Netflix film from the last twelve months, but also the Warner blockbuster "Wonder Woman 1984".

How significant is the Amazon triumph really?

But now there are some facts that you need to really classify the record of “The Prince from Zamunda 2”. First, Screen Engine / ASI is allowed to be loud Hollywood Reporter do not give out exact numbers. The message that “The Prince from Zamunda 2” has now had the most successful start in the last twelve months was also actively distributed by Amazon.

Even if the whole situation is a little opaque, that does not have to mean that this marketing stunt is not based on facts. Because the Amazon film has a decisive advantage over other major releases: As an Amazon original, it was released around the world at the same time and is also available free of charge to every Amazon Prime Video user- the second largest streaming service ever with 150 million subscribers.

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“Wonder Woman 1984” was released on HBO Max, a much smaller video portal with just 17 million paying customers. In addition, the superhero blockbuster started at the same time in the cinema. So it's not surprising that more people streamed “The Prince from Zamunda 2” on the first weekend than the supposedly bigger superhero blockbuster.

The triumph over Netflix, the streaming service that has by far the most potential viewers with 204 million subscribers, is much more impressive. Competitor Netflix relies more on series and has not had such a huge hit in the film sector as "The Prince from Zamunda 2" in the program in the last twelve months. So we think it is entirely credible that Amazon Prime Video had Eddie Murphy's return as Prince Akeem, the most successful streaming opening weekend of a film in the last twelve months.

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