What are Singapore's craziest laws

Weird and funny laws in the US

The USA is colloquially known as the land of unlimited possibilities. However, you are also the land of limited opportunities for fun, which is why for me you are more of the land of limited impossibilities. I once tried to list some strange, funny and unbelievable laws in the USA the first time you read them, which SO actually still exist or have existed once. After that, pretty much nothing is surprising anymore. Some laws are no longer valid, but they have never been removed from the legal texts and are therefore still anchored there ...


Strange laws in the USA


- It is strictly forbidden to play dominoes on Sundays.

- Men are only allowed to beat their wives with a stick the diameter of which is no larger than that of the thumb.

- A law says you can't wear a dummy beard when you go to church. It could lead to unwanted exhilaration

- You can drive the wrong way around in one-way streets if you put a lantern on the front of the car.

- Driving a vehicle with your eyes blindfolded is prohibited.

- Men are prohibited by law from spitting on the floor in the presence of women.

- The local judge can pronounce the death penalty for sprinkling a pinch of salt on railroad tracks.

- In the event of a divorce, only women are allowed to keep the property that they had before the wedding. Men, however, do not.

- Alabama prohibits women from possessing sex toys.

- Marriages between blacks and whites are prohibited.

- The state forbids wrestling with bears.

- It is forbidden to mutilate yourself in order to avoid punishment.

- An incest wedding is allowed.

- Peanuts are prohibited from selling peanuts in Lee Country after sunset.



- In Fairbanks, residents cannot allow moose to mate on the street. It is also forbidden to give moose alcohol for their own amusement.

- It is allowed to shoot a bear ... but waking it from sleep to take a picture of it is forbidden.

- It is strictly forbidden to push live moose from flying airplanes.



- Rock is a must. Women in Tucson are not allowed to wear pants.

- Ownership of dildos is limited to two pieces.

- Pruning or felling a cactus is punishable by up to 25 years in prison.

- It is illegal to refuse a person a glass of water.

- If you are attacked by a criminal, you may only defend yourself with the same weapons that the attacker has at his disposal.

- Any crime committed with a red mask on your face is a capital crime.

- Teasing sheep and bull frogs is forbidden in Hayden.

- Reversing vehicles is prohibited in Glendale.

- Nobody in Prescott is allowed to ride their horse up the stairs of the courthouse.

- In Nogales men are not allowed to wear their suspenders “visibly”.



- In Little Rock, the hometown of US President Bill Clinton, flirting in public can be punished with 30 days in prison.

- In addition, dogs are not allowed to bark in Little Rock after 6 p.m.

- Men are only allowed to beat or beat up their wives once a month!

- It is illegal to mispronounce the Arkansas state name.

- A salary increase for teachers with a “bob hairstyle” is prohibited by law.

- Oral sex is considered sodomy.



- Beauty sleep is taken seriously in Logan Country. Men are not allowed to bother their slumbering loved one with kisses.

- It is forbidden to drive black painted cars on Sundays.

- Anyone who lends a vacuum cleaner to neighbors is liable to prosecution.

- Someone who has the flu or has a cold is not allowed to ride a horse.

- In sterling, a free running cat must wear reflectors.



- Sunday belongs to God alone. In Hartford it is strictly forbidden to kiss women on the Lord's Day.

- In New Britain, even in the event of a fire, the maximum speed for fire engines is 25 mph.

- Cyclists are not allowed to drive faster than 104 km / h.

- Walking backwards after sunset is prohibited.



- In Lewes it is illegal to wear figure-hugging pants.

- You must not fly over anything that contains water. Unless there are sufficient supplies on board.

- Anyone who snores on an airplane is breaking the law.



- If an elephant is tied to a parking meter, a normal parking fee has to be paid.

- Single, divorced and widowed women are not allowed to parachute on Sundays and public holidays.

- In Saratoga it is forbidden to sing in public in a bathing suit.

- It is forbidden to shower naked

- Miami: Men are prohibited from being seen in public in a dressing gown without a belt.

- Women who fall asleep under a dryer hood when visiting the hairdresser can be punished. The business owner can also be fined.

- Whistling under water is prohibited.

- There is a law against sexual relations with porcupines.

- Rats are forbidden to leave ships.

- You are not allowed to drive through a police station with a skateboard



- In fashion stores, it is illegal to undress mannequins without the curtains drawn.

- Monkeys must not be kept in the bathtub.

- A law forbids hairdressers to display their prices.

- Signatures must be in English.

- While the State Assembly is in session, its members cannot be penalized for speeding.



- Anyone wearing tight swimming trunks in public must expect punishment.

- Residents who do not own a boat can be punished.

- It is forbidden to put a coin in your ear.

- In Honolulu, teasing birds is prohibited in public parks.

- * Since 10/2017 * Anyone who uses a smartphone when crossing the street in public must expect fines of up to US $ 99 in the event of repetition. The reason is the many “smombie” traffic accidents recently (smombie = smartphone + zombie)



- In Coeur d’Alene, sex in the car is a criminal offense. Police officers who catch “perpetrators” in the act must, however, honk their horns before being arrested, and then wait three minutes.

- It is forbidden to fish while sitting on a camel.

- It is against the law for a man to give his loved one a box of chocolates that weighs less than 50 pounds.

- Riding a carousel on Sundays is a serious crime.



- Anyone who goes hunting or fishing in oblong on their wedding day must forego sex.

- In Champaign it is forbidden to urinate in the open mouth of your neighbor.

- In Kirkland, bees are forbidden to fly over the village or through the streets

- Female singles must address male singles as “master”.

- A law stipulates that the police must be informed if a driver intends to drive his vehicle into a city.

- You can be arrested for vagrancy if you don't have at least a dollar with you.

- Monsters are forbidden to enter the urban area in Urbana.

- The English language is not allowed to be spoken. The officially recognized language is “American”.

- In Chicago, people who are so sick, mutilated, mutated or deformed that they can be described as ‘unsightly or disgusting objects’ are not allowed to leave their homes.

- It is forbidden to take a French poodle to the opera.

- You are not allowed to fish while sitting on the neck of a giraffe.



- In Gary it is forbidden to go to the theater or cinema within four hours of consuming garlic.

- Forging checks can be punished with public flogging of up to 100 blows.

- Pedestrians who cross the motorway at night are not allowed to wear taillights.

- Men are not allowed to stand in a bar.

- Nobody is allowed to catch a fish by hand.



- In Aimes, husbands are not allowed to drink more than three sips of beer before they go to bed with their wives.

- In Ottumwa, males are prohibited from waving to an unknown woman within the state borders.

- Kisses that last longer than five minutes are prohibited.

- One-armed piano players are not allowed to ask for money for their performance.

- In Fort Madison, the fire department is required to practice 15 minutes before putting out a fire.

- And in Marshalltown horses are forbidden to eat fire hydrants.



- In Pasadena, secretaries are not allowed to be alone in the room with their boss.

- In L.A. you can't bathe two babies in the same tub at the same time. In addition, every man is allowed to beat his wife with a leather strap - provided the strap is no wider than 2 inches. If he uses a wider strap, the prior consent of his wife is required.

- In Chico, if you detonate a nuclear weapon in the city, you will be fined US $ 500.

- Animals are only allowed to mate if they are more than 1,500 feet from the nearest pub, school, or church.

- A mousetrap may only be set up by people with a valid hunting license.

- A vehicle without a driver must not drive faster than 96 km / h.

- California residents are guaranteed sunshine by law!

- In San Francisco, elephants are not allowed to walk along Market Street ... unless they are kept on a leash.

- Bathhouses are against the law.

- Preventing children from jumping over puddles is illegal.

- In Cupertino, California, it is forbidden to count audibly backwards in the hexadecimal system.



- In Wichita, mistreating the mother-in-law is not a cause for divorce.

- Loud burping is strictly forbidden on the airport premises.

- Knives are not allowed to be thrown at men in striped suits in Natoma.

- A state law forbids duck hunting with the help of mules.

- If two trains meet on the same track ... neither of them may continue until the other has passed.



- Women are not allowed on the street in bathing suits ... unless they weigh less than 42 or more than 92 kilos or they are armed.

- It must be bathed at least once a year.

- It is illegal to carry popsicles in your pocket in Lexington.



- Gargling in public is prohibited.

- A law prohibits bank robbers from shooting bank employees with a water pistol after a robbery.

- In New Orleans, tying an alligator to a fire hydrant is prohibited. Here women are also forbidden to drive a vehicle unless their husband is waving a flag in front of them.



- In Portland, men are not allowed to tickle women on the chin with a feather.

- It is necessary to take a rifle with you to church in case you are caught by an Indian attack.

- Anyone who does not remove their Christmas decorations by January 14th will be punished.

- It is forbidden to disembark while traveling on an airplane.

- In Augusta, going for a walk and playing the violin is forbidden.



- In Baltimore, couples in love have to be careful. It is illegal to kiss openly for more than a second. This also applies in Halethorpe.

- It is forbidden to clean sinks, no matter how dirty they are.

- No thistles may be planted.

- In Ocean City, it is forbidden to swim in the ocean and eat at the same time.

- Lions may not be taken to the cinema.



- In Salem, even married couples are not allowed to sleep naked in rented apartments.

- It is forbidden to go to bed if you have not had a full bath beforehand.

- Before May 1st, it is forbidden to sell fewer than 24 ducks at a time. It is also forbidden to sell rabbits, chickens or ducks whose appearance has been changed by artificial color.

- Snoring is prohibited unless all bedroom windows are closed and properly locked.

- It is forbidden to take a bath on Sundays.

- An old regulation declares pointed beards to be illegal. Unless you first pay a fee for permission to have the privilege of wearing a goatee in public.

- Damaging or destroying a post from a football goal is fined $ 200.

- Duels may not be carried out with water pistols.



- In Detroit, car sex is illegal except on your own property.

- According to the law, a woman's hair belongs to her husband.

- Men are not allowed to look angrily at their wives on Sundays.

- In Halethorpe, a kiss cannot last longer than 1 second.

- Should a robber be injured in a house by the owner, the robber has the right to file a lawsuit.

- It's illegal to put a skunk in the boss's desk.

- It is a criminal offense to kiss your wife on a Sunday.



- It is strictly forbidden to smoke underwater!

- In Alexandria, sex between spouses is prohibited if the man has bad breath.