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Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Leroy Jethro Gibbs

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Senior Special Agent in Charge


Special agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs is the head of the Major Case Response Team. The former corporal of the Marine Corps has been with the NCIS special unit for 20 years.

When it comes to classic investigative work and on-site operations, Gibbs can hardly hold a candle. Computers and high tech instill a reluctance to Gibbs, and he hates the vocabulary that goes with them. Gibbs likes to give nuts (especially to DiNozzo) as punishment for minor misdeeds in the first few seasons.

He has a kind of "father-daughter relationship" with Abby & Ziva. Every now and then he kisses her on the forehead or takes her in his arms.

There is no one on the team who would dare to question Gibbs' authority - or even to attack his coffee, which he loves to drink - but only if it is made according to the right recipe. Colleagues who want to distinguish themselves get to know Gibbs' sarcastic side.

In his spare time, Gibbs likes to tinker with his boats. He is open to women. A drug dealer killed Gibbs' first wife and daughter. Gibbs took revenge on the murderer in a daring act. Gibbs still has a hard time letting her go and doesn't seem to be able to love a woman as much as Shannon, because both his three marriages and various relationships (Jenny Shepard, Hollis Mann, etc.) have broken up.

Career [edit | Edit source]

NCIS Supervisory Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs is a retired United States Marine Corps (USMC) Gunnery Sergeant, sniper, and highly decorated Iraq veteran. During his Navy time he met Joan Matteson, who died in a helicopter crash over Japan. He is the head of the Major Case Response Team for the N.C.I.S., which the series revolves around. In his free time, he builds a boat in his basement, speaks fluent Russian and has mastered the sign language, which he sometimes uses to talk to Abby, as well as Japanese and Chinese. He is not a fan of modern technology and therefore finds it difficult to get along with computers. Gibbs has been married four times (three of them divorced) and had a daughter from his first marriage. While Gibbs was serving as a sniper for the USMC in Kuwait, his first wife, Shannon, and their daughter, Kelly, were killed in an attack by a drug dealer. This is also one of the reasons why he is unable to form new bonds. With the help of investigating special agent Michael Franks, he takes revenge on his family's killer by killing him, and then in 1991 he joins the Naval Investigative Service (NIS). During his early days at NCIS, Agent Franks is his manager and mentor; Franks always calls him “freshman”.

Jethro hardly has a good word for his divorced ex-wives, although he rarely talks about his first wife. After seeing in the episode Fifteen years survived a bomb attack in the third season, he resigns from the NCIS and goes to Mexico to his mentor and old boss Mike Franks. In the episode On the run In the fourth season he returns to the service and thus returns to his team. The meanwhile director of the NCIS, Jenny Shepard, has a close relationship with him. They were partners together in France at the time and both felt more for each other. In the episode Bad days In the fifth season, the new NCIS Director Leon Vance transfers his entire team and assigns him new NCIS agents. In the course of the sixth season, his old team will return. In the episode father and son For the sixth season, Stillwater is listed as Gibbs ’hometown. His father Jackson Gibbs still runs a grocery store there. Jethro Gibbs visits him once (episode "Heartland"); his father gave him a black and yellow painted Dodge Challenger 426 HEMI R / T suspension (built in 1970).

He learned his “rules” from his late wife Shannon, whom he met 32 ​​years ago in his hometown. Gibbs applies these rules in both professional and private life. The film character was named after a good friend of the producer Donald P. Bellisario. The role of Agent Gibbs is played by Mark Harmon, who also happens to be Executive Producer the series is.

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Ziva David
Anthony DiNozzo
Timothy McGee
Donald Mallard
Abigail Sciuto
Caitlin Todd
Jimmy Palmer
Jenny Shepard
Leon Vance
Michael Franks

Diane Sterling

Tobias Fornell

Gibbs rules [edit | Edit source]

Gibbs' rules appear again and again in the episodes. Gibbs tells Ziva David that his team has 52 rules to follow, but these appear to be guidelines of conduct that are not in written form.

Gibbs got the basic idea for the rules from his first wife Shannon. When he was a young man he had a conversation with Shannon at Stillwater Railway Station. This scene in which the two get to know each other can be seen at the end of the episode Father and Son.

Shannon explains to Gibbs that she has a rule for everything and that you can't live without rules.

Gibbs rules:

! DANGER ! The rules where no episode is specified are not upheld!



1 Never leave suspects together. 1x01
1a Never put your partner on the back.4x14

Always wear gloves at the crime scene.

3 Never believe what you are told, double-check everything. 1x01
3a Never be out of reach. 3x13
4 The best way to keep a secret is to keep it to yourself. Second best is just telling someone else if you have to. There is no third best 4x14.
5 Never waste good 8x22
6 Never apologize It's a sign of weakness. 1x01
7 Always use specific details when you lie. 1x23
8 Don't take anything for granted. 3x10
9 Never go anywhere without your knife. 1x13
10 Never get personally involved in a case.

(At 16x13, Gibbs throws the note with this rule into the fire.)

11 When the job is done, go home. 6x24
12 Don't start relationships with colleagues. 1x15
13 Never bring in a lawyer. 6x07
14 Bend the rules, don't break them 11x04
15 Always work as a team. 5x05
16 If someone thinks they have the upper hand, break it. 8x24
17 Always choose the best horse in the stable and keep working on the deal until it breaks. So you get the second best horse for an apple and an egg. 1x02
18 It is better to ask for forgiveness than for permission. 3x04
19 Marines always look well-groomed. 1x02
20 If you do research, do it with thoroughness in all directions. Clues don't count.
20a Always look under 12x17
22 Never dare to disturb Gibbs during an interrogation. 4x10
23 Never mess with a marine's coffee if you're going to survive. 2x09
24 Never be late. ? x ??
25 Never ask your boss anything personal. 10x3
26 Be master of every situation, rule it. ? x ??

There are two possibilities of shading: The first is: They shouldn't notice anyone. The second is: they are only allowed to notice you.

28 If you need help, ask for help. 13x10
29 Never lose your nerve ? x ??
30 Always react calmly and prudently. Always keep your composure. ? x ??
31 Not so much feeling, it just makes us weaker.


A good horse only jumps as high as it has to. ? x ??
33 Don't bother with "what if ...". ? x ??
34 Never assume anything! ? x ??
35 You have to watch the gawkers. 8x22
36 If you feel like you're being played with, that's probably true. 6x16
38 Your case, your lead 6x16


Coincidences do not exist
39a Anything can happen. 10x14


40 If it seems like someone is after you, it is them. 7x22
42 Never accept an apology from someone who has sneakily lied to you. 9x16
44 First things first: hide women and children. 7x24
45 Clear up your mess. 7x24
46 There are no clear cases ... just watertightness. (4x04)
48 Never annoy Abby
48a Never mess with Ziva
51 Sometimes you are wrong 12- 10
52 The word "does not matter" does not exist.
52 Sometimes you are wrong.


62 Always leave space for people when they step off the elevator.


69 Don't trust a woman who doesn't trust her husband. 9x07
70 Dig until you get to the bottom. 12x05

The unwritten rule: do what is necessary for the family. 8x01

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