What are the tips for overcoming depression

Overcoming depression: from a downward to an upward spiral

Overcoming depression: Anyone who has ever experienced a depressive episode or is currently suffering from depressive symptoms probably knows this desire. But he also knows that this is often easier said than done. Depressed mood, listlessness and loss of interest - the symptoms of depression are often very stressful for those affected. But how can depression be overcome? We would like to show you how mood and behavior influence each other and what can help you to regain your zest for life.

The good news is, you can get out of depression. In the vast majority of cases, the phases of depression will pass again. Treatment in the form of psychotherapy, medical support or online training can help make depressive episodes shorter and less intense. The treatment can also prevent relapses.

The downward spiral

When the mood is depressed, there is usually a lack of motivation to take action. Going out, meeting friends or doing sports: when we are sad or depressed, we often don't feel like company, exercise or other activities. For example, sometimes we are just too tired or exhausted. This is completely normal and then it can be good to just withdraw. However, if this condition persists for a long time or is particularly pronounced, it can also be due to depression and the loss of joy.

A symptom of depression is loss of enjoyment of activities that were previously felt to be enjoyable. If the things that used to be fun suddenly stop making you feel positive, you won't be engaging with them as well. And that can also have a negative effect on your mood.

When we're feeling down, listless, and without joy, withdrawing from activities can feel relieving in the short term. Unfortunately, this usually does not mean that depression is overcome, but that the symptoms are even exacerbated. If you lack positive experiences, it affects the mood. As a result, feelings such as sadness or hopelessness can increase and the motivation to take action decreases further. We do even less. In this context one speaks of the downward spiral of depression. Below is an illustration of this downward spiral. The illustration comes from our online training course HelloBetter Depression.

Overcoming depression: the upward spiral

If you look at the downward spiral you might ask yourself: How can you overcome a depression when the spiral of listlessness and depressed mood pulls you further and further down?

The good thing is that the IUD also works the other way around. The “downward spiral” can become an “upward spiral”. But how exactly is that supposed to work?


While we cannot change our feelings directly and immediately, we have an influence on how we behave. Therefore, the first step in the upward spiral is to engage in activities even though you may feel down, sad, or hopeless.

This not only takes a lot of effort, but also a lot of effort. At first it can feel like you're swimming against the current. But it's worth it.

... changes the feelings

Going out even though you'd rather hide in bed. Meeting friends even though you'd rather be alone. Exercise even though you'd rather lie down. Engaging in activities when you don't feel like it is not easy. But it is precisely these things that you used to have fun and enjoy, or even completely new things, that can now help you to escape the downward vortex and carry you continuously upwards. The activities that can have a positive effect on your mood and increase your well-being can be very different. Think about what brings you joy, relaxes you or helps you to come to rest? What has helped you in the past? The best thing to do is to make a list of all the activities you can think of. You can also ask friends for tips or just let them drag you along. Then consciously plan such energizing activities in your everyday life.

Overcoming depression takes patience

Realize that it is perfectly normal that you may start off with activities that you do not immediately experience as pleasant. This is because you may have just got a little out of training enjoying these activities. But the more often you incorporate positive activities into your everyday life, the easier it will be for you and the more you will experience them as pleasant again.

Overcome depression with support

Perhaps you are now thinking: That sounds logical, but how should I implement it?

You don't have to overcome your depression on your own! Seeking professional help is not only a sign of strength, but can also be a useful step towards overcoming depressive symptoms in the long term.

There are different ways to get treatment for depression. In addition to psychotherapy or medical support, online training can also be proven to prevent depression or reduce depressive symptoms. If you would like to find out more about this, you are welcome to find out more about our HelloBetter trainings and find the right online training for depression.

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