Is the Swiss cuisine similar to the Austrian cuisine

Austrian cuisine: specialties to cook at home

The Wiener Schnitzel is the most famous dish from Austria (Photo by: uroszunic / Depositphotos)

In Austria people like to cook heartily. Austria's cuisine owes its eventful history to a variety of influences from a wide variety of countries: Hungary, Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic. First-class wine is also made in Austria. The traditional coffee houses are particularly worth mentioning. Here we pamper our palates with numerous coffee specialties and sweet art of baking. Austria is worth a visit in every way. If you can't travel right now, you can cook one of the country's typical recipes and so satisfy your wanderlust.

Viennese cuisine

Let's start with Austria's enchanting capital. This is not only a culinary highlight, but also a cultural highlight. Magnificent buildings, castles, museums, a world-class opera, Heurigen, traditional coffee houses and the famous Viennese Schmäh make a stay here a special pleasure. We would like to recommend the following typical Viennese dishes:

The Viennese apple strudel is also one of the world-famous Austrian desserts. (Photo by: fahrwasser / Depositphotos)

Vorarlberg cuisine

Vorarlberg with the famous Bregenz Festival is not only known among culture lovers. For us, Vorarlberg means Swiss wellness, inexpensive skiing, enjoying Austrian hospitality - and, of course, good feasting. We owe the following specialties to this region.

Tyrolean cuisine

We Swiss feel almost at home in Tyrol with its spectacular alpine landscape. They say that Kaiserschmarrn or hearty snacks are nowhere better than on the «Alm», for example after skiing or an extended hike. The Tyrolean cuisine ensures that, after exercising, we will soon be able to plunge into new adventures again strengthened. Here is the hearty hit list from Tyrol:

The Tiroler Gröstl is a traditional Austrian, quite hearty pan dish. (Photo by: lenyvavsha / Depositphotos)

Salzburg cuisine

In the center of this state is of course the pretty Mozart city of Salzburg. Music lovers in particular get their money's worth here. But well-known places such as the picturesque Zell am See or the mountain peaks of the Pinzgau should be seen once. And like everywhere else in Austria, you can also dine excellently here. Would you like some examples?

The Salzburger Nockerln are a typical Salzburg dessert made from 3 pyramid-shaped dumplings. (Photo by: imagex / Depositphotos)

Upper Austrian cuisine

This state, which is rather unknown to us, has a lot to offer. Many people are familiar with the city of Linz with its famous cake. Large parts of the Salzkammergut with its beautiful lakes or the well-known spa town of Bad Ischl also belong to this region. The geographical proximity to Bavaria can also be seen in Upper Austria's specialties. The ones we love Dumplings together with the following dishes are considered a specialty of Upper Austria:

Linz eyes are made from a dough similar to shortcrust pastry and are often called Spitzbub here. (Photo by: ajafoto / Depositphotos)

Lower Austrian cuisine

Lower Austria with St. Pölten, which is well-known beyond the state's borders, is a popular destination for excursions. Whether the picturesque Danube, Mostviertel, Vienna Woods or Weinviertel - there is a lot to discover here for those interested in culture, nature lovers and gourmets alike. Culinary lovers of wine, game and poppy seeds get their money's worth here:

Burgenland cuisine

Burgenland in the very east of Austria is best known to us for its excellent wines. In the region around Lake Neusiedl, nature lovers, athletes and gourmets have a great infrastructure at their disposal. The cuisine and culture are strongly influenced by Slovak and, above all, Hungarian. Here are just a few highlights:

Stuffed peppers are a very popular main course in Burgenland. (Photo by: rojoimages / Depositphotos)

Styrian cuisine

Styria stands for the Dachstein region with the famous holiday resort Schladming, for the Teichalm or Mariazell. As an insider tip, we recommend a visit to the Styrian stalactite caves or the green lake - a breathtaking natural spectacle. In culinary terms, we owe the famous fried chicken or the delicate pumpkin seed oil to Styria. You should definitely cook the following specialties:

Carinthian cuisine

In the state in the far south of Austria we find the highest mountain in the country, the Großglockner. Many of us are also familiar with the tranquil Wörthersee and Carinthia's capital, Klagenfurt. Numerous thermal baths or the Hohe Tauern National Park are further attractions of this attractive region. And of course hearty one-pot dishes such as the Carinthian Ritschert are also tempting. Here are the top five in Carinthia:

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