How many hinges are required for doors?

15 Number of hinges per door: door width, height, weight and the material quality of the door are decisive factors for the number of hinges required. The factors that occur in practice vary greatly from case to case. Therefore, the numbers shown in the diagram are only guidelines. In case of doubt, a trial fitting is recommended. For reasons of stability, the distance between the hinges should always be set as large as possible. X = hinge distance (guideline values ​​for 19 mm thick chipboard with a density of 750 kg / m-3) Cup distance C: Cup distance C is the dimension between the door edge and the edge of the cup hole. Due to the respective kinematics, the maximum cup distance for the individual hinge types is different. The larger the cup distance C, the smaller the door swing, i.e. the required minimum reveal. Door overlay: The overhang of the door in front of the cabinet side is referred to as door overlay or overlay A. Overlay A Joint F: The joint is the distance from the outer edge of the door to the outside of the body if the door is in place, or the distance between two doors when the center wall is hinged. In the case of the inset door, the joint is the distance from the outer edge of the door to the inside of the body wall. Cup distance C Door width up to 600 b- i- s 2- 0- 0- 0 b- i- s 2- 4- 0- 0 T- ü- r- h- ö- e- n Joint F Joint F Joint F b- i- s 1- 6- 0- 0 b- i- s 9- 0- 0