What is your childhood dream that never came true

Self-realization: Live your dream ☀︎

What leads company founders to work tirelessly on a project and achieve complete satisfaction in the process?

How do musicians manage to persistently perform in pedestrian zones and later fill entire stadiums?

You are the project! They know what is worth fighting for because they realize themselves! Realizing oneself, one's desires, dreams, goals is that strongest and most reliable source of motivation.

Note: This article is an excerpt from my book "Golden Rules".


Why shouldn't we strive for happiness, success, and contentment?


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Make dreams come true

Realize your dreams and goals

Do things that suit you fun these are also much easier to do. Intermediate stages can be reached faster; that is also motivating. Once you have reached the state in which you are, what you are doing, you need yours motivation don't worry anymore.

You will largely be spared major lows in motivation (everyone has setbacks and "dents").

There is no reason not to strive for happiness, contentment, and success. On the contrary, there are many reasons for this: If you understand the “why” of your actions, then you can create every “how”. At least that is how Friedrich Nietzsche put it.

Become yours overarching goals and motivational factors conscious, because short-term performance incentives and “rewards” are something temporary, externally imposed, external.

Real motivation comes from within! It's like in sports: At the beginning, an external incentive might help us, you go to the fitness center because of friends or a special offer entices you. If these incentives cease to exist, self-motivation and intrinsic motivation put to the test.

External incentives and material rewards quickly fizzle out. What you need is one mission, a mission statement! It has a lot to do with your attitude: Psychologists have shown that human desires are inexhaustible: After winning the lottery, you feel better for a while, but expectations soon adapt to the new level.

You notice that you are not necessarily more popular or successful and you are hungry for more again. It doesn't really make you happy.


Self-realization: this is how it works

Living dreams: answer these questions

Many well-known people have become successful simply because they are Enjoy your job and drew enormous energy from it.

Those who live out their talents, interests and inclinations experience more joy at work, never have the feeling of wasting their time and acquire the necessary knowledge faster and more effortlessly.


So it's high time to ask yourself some essential questions:
  • What is a life worth striving for for me?
  • What activities and actions does it consist of?
Your mission statement is an overview of the "big picture" and answers the following questions:
  • Who am I and who do I want to be?
  • What is my big goal in life?


Hardly anyone thinks intensely about these basic things! Do you? Of course, these questions cannot be answered immediately and never conclusively. But it is precisely this search that has always motivated mankind.


So keep trying to work on these questions:
  • What do I want to achieve?
  • What am i dreaming of
  • How do i want to be
  • What do I want to change? / Leave what?

Call yours dreams in memory: maybe one childhood-dreamthat slumbers somewhere neglected or the idea that you had during your studies and that is still in your head. Make a specific goal out of this "what if ...?"

Only those who transform their dreams into goals can make them come true. The rest slept through their lives.


How do you write a personal mission statement?

That depends entirely on what you want to anchor in it and which form of representation is your preferred:

  • For some, it's just a Quote or a sentence - a mottothat tries to integrate all areas of their life.
  • For others, it's kind personal constitution, which breaks down various goals and sub-aspects in several paragraphs.
  • One should personal, positive and in the present tense

Otherwise there are no rules, the main thing is that it motivates and directs your energy in the desired direction!


The way to self-realization

Release the handbrake in your head

On the way to self-realization and the realization of your big dream or your many small wishes, external obstacles will stand in your way.

That is part of it and must be taken into account. These obstacles also make life exciting!

In addition to external obstacles, paralyzing internal barriers keep us from acting: In childhood, one is shaped by the opinions of others. You adopt their assumptions. But only a few parents, teachers, and trainers are visionaries, bon vivants, leaders, inspirers.

Many have already made themselves "comfortable" in life: their fear and inhibitions are transmitted through their comments and seemingly casual expressions.

Already during the upbringing it is taught that certain things “are like this” or “are done like this”. You are told that this and that does not work, that you cannot do this and that and that a certain thing cannot work from the outset.

These ratings come from a different generation or a safety-oriented mindset. But these foreign beliefs1 get stuck unnoticed and form the building blocks for the walls in your head!

One of the seminar participants said to her husband, “In the next life I want to be a teacher.” He asked: "Why not in this life?" She became thoughtful and decided to give up her job as a physiotherapist at her late 30s and despite having two children, and to realize her career aspirations by studying hard.

I admire this decision not to bother with one's "fate" and to have the courage to break out of the ground!

Who or what is still whispering to you today? Who says it can't? What makes you think that something is too difficult? That you are not intelligent enough

When you think about it, you seldom come up with reasons that speak against a plan: “If not now, then when? - "If not you, who else?"

Release your inner hand brakes and live your dream !!




An important question: "What if?"

The most important quality for self-realization and for success is the belief in oneself and in the feasibility of one's goals. Most motivational speakers agree on that.

A small question that will force your mind to change perspective is helpful in breaking down your barriers. This question is, "What if?":

  • What if I'm not as untalented as I've been told?
  • What if I just gave it a try?
  • What if I tried something completely different?


Proactive versus passive language

Our thoughts are transferred to the language, but our language also affects the thoughts. Therefore, start with positively phrased sentences and positive thinking.

Because thoughts become words and words become deeds. Actions become habits and habits determine the way of life and ultimately also part of a person's personality.

Do not focus on the bad environment, your impassable starting opportunities, the small company with few development opportunities or the job with little responsibility.

Instead, ask yourself: “What can I do so that I have a chance?” “How can I still get closer to my goals?” Break your barriers in your head!


Passive thinking: Behind this is usually:

"I can't." "Actually, I don't want to."

"I can't do it." "I don't dare."

"I don't have time." "I shy away from the effort."

"It's not worth it." "I don't feel like it."


Many, consciously or unconsciously, take refuge in excuses and resort to non-expedient alibi actions (“You tried ...”), where they don't have to work so hard or where not so much can happen.

But that doesn't help anyone. Replace this passive vocabulary with a new, optimistic and success-oriented language: “I'll try. I'll start right away. "

“Who can do something like this straight away? - I'll try again. "The subjunctive is deleted: So no:" I would like ... if only ... ", but:" I'll try A, and if it doesn't work B. And if that doesn't work, I'll test just through the whole alphabet, but I know some of that will work. "

Formulate your thoughts concretely and set tangible goals, so instead of: “I have to learn more.” »“ This semester I study at least one hour a day. ”Instead of:“ I do more sport. ”» “I go to training three times a week. If I am prevented or on the go, I replace the training with jogging, fitness training at home or swimming. "

Live your dream!

Success means getting up once more than falling down.Winston Churchill

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My self-actualization

Realize dreams by traveling around the world

So that you can believe me that it really works, I want to tell you about my trip around the world. I have long dreamed of traveling and seeing the world for an extended period of time.

When I asked myself the above questions, it only occurred to me how long I had been putting off a deeply cherished wish. I left my comfort zone and made my dream come true.


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Live your dreams: Conclusion on self-realization

Dream your life then live your dream

What are your dreams? A happy family life with a house, child and cat? Your own company? Your own romance novel? Do you care about wealth? Acceptance? Luck? Fame? Change? Would you like to start a school or do something about the environment?

goals in life are incredibly important! They give you one direction, your actions sense. Put correctly, they'll bring you more Satisfaction and happiness. And self-realization has a pleasant side effect: Allegedly, people who set themselves clear and written goals at the beginning of their career earn many times more than their former fellow students without a vision 10 years after starting their career.

Remember: if you love what you do, it will be good too!


Wisdoms & motivational sayings for self-realization

"Live your dream" - quotes and sayings about self-realization and dreams

"If you want to build a ship, don't call people together to collect wood, distribute tasks and divide the work, but teach them to long for the great, wide sea!"
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

“Most rich and powerful people are not notably talented, educated, charming, or handsome. They get rich and powerful because they wanted to get rich and powerful. Your vision is your greatest asset. Without a goal (or goal) it is difficult to score! "
Paul Arden (advertising guru and film producer)

"Do not dream your life, live your dreams."

Some people see things as they are and say, "Why?" I dream of things that never were and say, "Why not?"
John F. Kennedy

“If life has no vision to strive for, to long for, to realize, then there is no motive to make an effort.Erich Fromm (psychoanalyst)



Are you already living your dream? How is your self-realization?

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