Can I make money with Olymp Trade?

What do you think of sites like Olymp Trade where you can supposedly make money quickly?

Experts argue about whether it is strategy or just luck how to make money doing such things.

Olymp-Trade is about binary options, these have the advantage that the possible profit (e.g. € 200) and the possible loss (the bet) are already known, but they have a decisive disadvantage compared to the CFDs related to them: yours Term is limited, which means that with a binary option you can bet € 200 on the price will fall in 5 minutes, but then it increases in 5 minutes and the stake is gone and the bet is lost and then the price falls in the next minute so much that with a CFD you would have made, for example, 2000 € out of the 200 €. Even in the positive course, the profits of binary options are far below those of CFDs, but you cannot ruin yourself as quickly with binary options as with CFDs where an unfavorable night can be enough to turn a balance of 2 million euros into a mountain of debt of 6 To make millions of euros (It can also happen with CFDs that overnight 1000 euros have been turned into 1 million euros)

Perhaps you should also know that binary options have recently been banned for private investors and CFDs have been more strictly regulated (e.g. no obligation to make additional contributions and a maximum leverage of 1: 150)