Is it okay to ejaculate every day

Masturbation several times a day - is that normal?

Question: I am a 25 year old man and I masturbate almost every day (sometimes several times in a row). Is that normal?

Answer: Self-stimulation occurs to different degrees in both sexes. Orgasm is achieved by touching and caressing the sexual organs as well as by stimulating other erogenous zones.

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Masturbation does not only occur at a certain stage in life. Even small children create a sense of pleasure for themselves, but coordination is still difficult at first. The interplay matures during puberty and the adolescents get to know their bodies. You have the opportunity to lose your shyness, which can be important for later sexual contact. Because with the appropriate sexual self-confidence, a relationship can be very fulfilling.

There is no norm of how often masturbation takes place or what is to be regarded as "normal". Some men need to masturbate every day, sometimes several times a day, while others feel such a desire less often. This is individually different and also depends on the phase of life, time, stress and many other factors. Self-gratification is not harmful, and it certainly does not make you sick.

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Sexuality is part of life as a source of energy. When you feel lust, masturbation is the easiest way to act it out. The fantasies do not matter, and you are not accountable to any other person for what you think while you are masturbating. The negative aftertaste of masturbation should disappear in an "enlightened" age, but unfortunately there is still much to be done in this regard.

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