Why would you never have a cat

"Because everything, world and heaven rests in her"

Excerpt from the manuscript:

"I would be very grateful if you didn't always appear and disappear so quickly: You make one very dizzy."

"It's okay," said the cat, and this time it disappeared very slowly, starting with the tip of its tail and ending with the grin that remained visible for a while after the rest of it was gone.

"Oho, I've often seen a cat without a grin," thought Alice, "but a grin without a cat - I've never seen anything so strange in my life!

Has the Cheshire Cat gone or is it still sitting on its branch, if only its grin? Actually, according to the logical understanding, it can only be either there or gone. Erwin Schrödinger's thought experiment, in which a cat plays the main role, raises a similar question.

Ulrich Woelk: "The idea behind Schrödinger's cat and the thought experiment is that as people in the world, when we observe things, we influence the world and things. That is actually the main idea behind this experiment.

And what Erwin Schrödinger did was try to find a catchy picture for it.

And he said we imagine a cat that we lock in a box. And in this box, everything is very brutal, there are two versions, either a revolver or a poison capsule is still there. The revolver or the poison capsule is controlled by an atom that is radioactive and that disintegrates.

And that's where quantum mechanics comes into play, because the whole thing is an example to illustrate quantum mechanics, i.e. a physical theory.

When an atom disintegrates, you cannot predict when it will disintegrate. It can happen immediately, it can also happen in 3 years, it can only happen in 30,000 years, it differs from atom to atom. "

The astrophysicist and author Ulrich Woelk plays with this thought experiment in his novel "Schrödinger's Bedroom" and transfers it to real life in his story. He explains that as long as you don't look into the box, the cat is both dead and alive because you don't know when the atom will disintegrate and the revolver will go off or the poison capsule will open.

A cat sits in Jameln in Wendland on the central square in the historic Rundlingsdorf. (picture alliance / dpa / Philipp Schulze)

Ulrich Woelk
Schrödinger's bedroom
2006 DTV

Erwin Schrödinger, the father of quantum mechanics, was a bohemian and always kept a number of girlfriends. When a certain Balthasar Schrödinger moves into the neighborhood and claims to be a grandson of the great physicist, Oliver Schwarz is indefinitely worried. His mistrust grows when the neighbor introduces himself as a professional magician and is the first to enchant Gatlieb's wife and children with his charm and gifts. Nevertheless, the Gatliebs accepted an invitation to Schrödinger's house, where their neighbors showed them all the rooms with the exception of the bedroom. This is his magic workshop, he explains, nobody is allowed to enter it except himself. But that is exactly what Gatlieb begins to doubt. He thinks he knows that all the young mothers in the area keep coming back to this bedroom, including his own wife. His jealousy drives him to a fatal foray. A study of the laws of the natural sciences, psychology and Schrödinger's room, in which a cat can be both dead and alive.


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The rabbi's cat (Original title: Le chat you rabbin) is a comic series by the French illustrator Joann Sfar, who started it in 2001. More

The film "The Rabbi's Cat"

Joann Sfar
The rabbi's cat
2014 avant-Verlag

Gerald Sammet
The unsinkable cat
Nine cat lives.
2012 Transit Schwarzenbach
A bouquet of exciting lives that will make any human adventurer look pale. Without making a fuss about it, cats write constantly and persistently on their story. They know how to make quarters in the killer pits of the human heart. Once they have sneaked their place there, even their equal hunters melt away. Ernest Hemingway, someone who only had a crosshair for almost every species of animal, did not have the heart to give his cat that was hit by a car in Cuba: I had to shoot people, but never anyone I knew and I loved for eleven years. And no one who purred with two broken legs.

Gerald Sammet writes about ship cats (the legendary Trim, which was celebrated as a co-discoverer of Australia), about war cats like Unsinkable Sam or Oscar Nazi, who drove the British Navy first in admiration, then into despair, about those with a sweet tooth in New York, but also about big cats in Africa, America and even Siberia.

Cat at the garden pond (picture alliance / Daniel Reinhardt)

Patricia Highsmith
Three stories, an essay and seven drawings
2007 Diogenes

The cats were Patricia Highsmith's most consistent companion through life. She had up to six at a time. They lived with her and around her, slept in her bed and sat on her desk. And they repeatedly became the subject of her literary and graphic work.

Mikhail Bulkakov
The master and Margarita
2005 Luchterhand literary publisher

The devil himself plunges Moscow into a chaos of hypnosis, spook and destruction. The visitation for hypocrisy and corruption hits all but two righteous ... Bulgakov's main work, in the tradition of Goethe's Faust, Dostoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov and Thomas Mann's Doctor Faustus, has long been a classic of literary modernism.

G. and L. Hausmann
Mythology of the cats
2001 Ullstein TB

James Bowen
Bob the stray
2014 Boje Verlag

One evening, the tabby cat crouches in front of James' doorstep, completely neglected. From his big green eyes he looks at him so pityingly that James can't help but take him in. He calls the tomcat Bob and nurses him back up. James has it hard enough - as a street musician, the money is barely enough for his own dinner. When the scruffy stray is better, James lets him go again. But Bob stays. From now on he doesn't leave his friend's side any more. Every day he accompanies him to work, always in his favorite place, the right shoulder, and brings James luck

Truman Capote
Breakfast at Tiffany's
2009 Goldmann

18-year-old Holly Golightly lets herself be carried away in New York by the stream of easy living. With charming boldness and surprising ingenuity, she makes her way between bohemians, playboys, gin and roses and remains true to herself and her heart. And sometimes, when she is gripped by the vague fear of life, then only one thing helps: go to the Tiffany jewelry store as quickly as possible.

Detlef Bluhm
Everything you always wanted to know about cats
2013 Insel Verlag
Did you know that ...

... in 1963 a cat was shot 155 kilometers into space and safely returned to earth? the cat's skeleton consists of 230 bones?

... Picasso painted the most expensive cat picture of all time at an auction price of 92.5 million US dollars? cat food worth one and a half billion euros is sold annually in Germany? a tomcat named Simon was awarded the Victoria Cross in England in 1949 for "exemplary war effort in China"? this book answers all the questions about cats that your customers haven't even asked?

Lewis Carroll
Alice in Wonderland
2012 anaconda

In the land behind the mirror Alice encounters strange characters: the Humpty Dumpty egg, the knitting sheep or the nasty chess queens. With them she engages in all kinds of verbal battles, because in the mirror world you see things with a very unique logic. After her return from Wonderland, Lewis Carroll sent his little Alice once again into a fantasy world full of adventure and twisted comedy. The classic for children between 8 and 80 can be read in this new translation in all its cheeky dialogue wit

T.S. Eliot
Old Possoums Cat Book
2001 Suhrkamp

"I read in TS Eliot's cat book, which proves so beautifully, as well as a poet who otherwise wraps himself around dark, the deep poet, succumb to positive silliness and happily indulge cats and he knows his verse. He caresses the mysterious sex of house lions with his fun, his irony and his covert affection. " Friedrich Luft.

Doris Lessing
Doris Lessing's cat book
Velcro Cotta 2007

Since the publication of the 'Katzenbuch', Doris Lessing has written two more stories: 'Rufus', the story of the survivor with the fiery red fur who chose Doris Lessing's house and garden as a new home, and the story of 'El Magnifico' , the dignified tomcat with the yellow eyes, a courageous fighter whose foreleg had to be amputated because of an illness.

Detlef Bluhm
About cats and women
2013 Insel Verlag

France's most famous harpist takes music lessons from her cats, a Roman poet commissioned the first cat portrait in art history, an author from Switzerland travels 3,500 kilometers with her cat from southern India to Tibet. This anthology tells of the special relationship between cats and women.

Elke Heidenreich
Cat music and hangover mood
2013 btb

"What the devil is to the violin, the house cat seems to be to the piano," writes Bruno Aulich in "Moonlight Sonata and Katzenfuge". Elke Heidenreich knows what he's talking about: her cat Nero loved to run over the keys at night and wake everyone up with the latest music. Even on spring nights, cat music can be heard when the tomcats are about love and defending their territory. In short: the field of cat music is a broad one. Whether weird cat music, hangover mood or other animal-musical conditions, this collection of cheeky, funny, unusual and melancholy stories combines all of this.

E.T.A. Hoffmann
Views of the life of the cat Murr
1986 Reclam, Ditzingen

Erich Kaestner
My cats
From Pola, Lollo, Butschi and Anna
Atrium Verlag AG Zurich

Detlef Bluhm
Ship cats
2014 Insel Verlag

Without cats, the world map would look different today; Without them, the great sea expeditions and voyages of discovery would hardly have been possible: On the week-long voyages across the Atlantic, the ship's cats were vital companions because they protected the food supplies from rats and mice. Their presence on merchant ships and warships, expeditions and passenger trips was therefore a matter of course well into the 20th century. A French insurance company even required the presence of a cat on board the ship, otherwise the insurance cover would be lost. The tradition of taking a cat on board is still maintained in many places today.

Detlef Bluhm has reconstructed the history of the ship's cats and tells of their life on board, of daring shore excursions, adventurous expedition trips and risky rescue operations of ship cats that have gone overboard.

Clemens Wischmann (ed.)
About people and cats, social history on quiet feet
2007 UVK

Cats were deified and demonized, loved and hated, hunted and killed, and in some eras and cultures even eaten. At the same time, throughout our history, people who lived in close contact with cats were considered special beings. Today, in the 21st century, they are our favorite pets, they often take on the role of family members, are even used therapeutically or serve as advertising media.

Cats are particularly suitable for describing the cultural path and cultural diversity in the type of relationship between animals and humans. Cats today are declared to be the natural model of an independent, self-contained individuality, and they are ascribed a variety of healing effects for the problems of modern humans. As a result, the animal family member, the cat, is no longer closed to any human area, from medical care and healthy nutrition to the forms and practices of socially legitimate mourning work. The tracing of the place of the cat in social history from early times to our present day, its role in literature, art and advertising forms the central theme of this book.

Two small Oman black cats sit in a tree stump (dpa / picture alliance / Rolf Vennenbernd)

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"Black Cat Blues"


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"Cheerful duo of two cats"

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"Some cats know"

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