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Well-known blogger from the Westerwald dies at the age of 29

News from 02/23/2020


The grief is great: The well-known blogger Mia de Vries died on Sunday, February 23rd. As “@Vriesl” she had shared her fate with people on Instagram over the past few years. The young woman from Dernbach in the Westerwald was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2017 at the age of 26.

Westerwald. In the end, all the fighting didn't help and Mia de Vries never had her greatest wish: to see her son Levi start school. Because it quickly became clear that she would not be able to completely conquer cancer, even if she and her family naturally hoped for a miracle.

Mia de Vries was only 26 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2017 - incurable. The cancer had already spread, including metastases in the brain. The doctors gave her a life expectancy of 13 months. Her little son turned one a few days later.

Countless chemotherapies followed, and Mia de Vries regularly reported on her fight against the disease as @Vriesl on Instagram. To educate and, above all, to make it clear how important prevention is. During this time she repeatedly expressed the wish to at least see her son start school.

Their fight lasted less than three years, which Mia de Vries now lost. Levi will be four in May. Also on Instagram, she recently told how she and her husband tried to prepare their son for his mother's imminent death.

“Vriesl” spent her last days in the palliative care unit. She rarely regained consciousness, said her husband on his Instagram account. There he also announced the death of his wife, which caused an incredible number of reactions in the Internet community.

Mia's last message to her followers three weeks ago was: "never forget - the most important thing in life is love • it is more powerful than anything else • everything is temporary except love • love survives us all, it is our salvation" (rm )

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HER ABSENCE IS LIKE THE SKY - SPREAD OVER EVERYTHING ...! . Dear favorite strangers here on the net, dear known and unknown heart people, tonight, around 0.33 o'clock, our mom, daughter, wife and best friend fell asleep peacefully ... we saw a dried tear on her right eye. she never wanted to leave all of us who love her infinitely and for that she fought until the last second. Even if one eye was sad, we are sure that the other laughed. No more suffering, no more pain and no more struggle. Just peace on the other side of the rainbow, watching over us and waiting patiently until we meet again. We can perhaps well imagine how indescribably beautiful it must be when Mia and our beautiful little Lily are in each other's arms - after all these years, forever and ever! She will take care of her small and large families in heaven and here on earth. She will send us white butterflies and warm rays of sunshine to lift our spirits and remind us of them. Whenever we are kissed by warm light in the next days, weeks, months, we will think vriesls of her and smile. She will protect and guide us in all of our future adventures, not just in our hearts. Levi and I will work through a few points on her very, very long bucket list for you, representing you as best we can. "We promised you, vrieslchen, to enjoy life and to take all our closest and interested parties with us!" Maybe we can spread what you have taught us ?! Maybe not as consistent, maybe not as big, but always honest and authentic! "Just like you always were ..." This morning Levi got up and noticed that something was different ... "Dad, dying means 'won't come back, doesn't it?' You can try so hard to be strong in front of your boy , that was too much. He comforted me, he is much stronger than me. He's like his mom ...! "Always & Forever" we love you Julia Mia de Vries! . # family back together # friends back together #vrieslhatunsbettermade

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R.I.P 😥😥😥
# 2 by Bianca laue, on February 23rd, 2020 at 10:22 pm
I am very sad that such a person with the bravery, the will and then your behavior has given courage to many people. The fight is worthwhile, you can lose, but if you don't fight, you have lost.
# 1 by Hans Holzhauer, on February 23rd, 2020 at 10:22 pm