Can I legally report my stolen wallet?

Credit card stolen: this is what you should do

We also recommend that you make a note of the time at which you noticed the credit card theft and the time of the blocking call. In this way, you can specifically document the course of the matter and also retrace it exactly afterwards. If the emergency call is dialed via the mobile phone, a screenshot of the call log can also be used as a form of documentation.

File a complaint!

Now that you've taken the most important step and blocked your card, you should always file a complaint - no matter where you are. You should contact the local police directly, even if you are on holiday. Here the theft is recorded as a "report against unknown persons". Your card can only be blocked for the SEPA direct debit procedure if you report the theft to the police by entering the data in the specially set up KUNO system (KFight against crime in unable payment transactions under Nnon-police use Oorganizational structures) are registered and passed on to retailers.

Please also note here: Note the place and time of the report as well as the name of the officer responsible. It is also important that you have a copy of the advertisement handed over to you. If there are problems with the bank at a later date, you can provide detailed documentation of your approach.

What happens after the suspension?

After blocking your stolen credit card, you'll need a new one. The banks usually send these to affected customers promptly, i.e. within two days. However, please note: The delivery will be made to the originally specified address. So if your credit card is stolen during a trip, you have no way of getting your new card at first. In this case, most credit card providers, including Visa and Mastercard, provide so-called emergency cash. If you need it, it is best to contact your bank advisor directly. He will take all necessary steps.

What does it cost to block my credit card?

The good news is that you don't have to expect significant financial losses if a credit card is stolen. The emergency blocking call is free of charge from within Germany; from abroad only the fees of the respective network provider apply. Those affected do not have to pay anything for the lock itself.

In many cases, the delivery of the new credit card is also included in the service free of charge. However, whether the bank can charge a fee for the issuance or the money for shipping depends specifically on your contract. If a fee has actually been agreed, this is almost always a maximum of 25 euros. In order to avoid further unpleasant surprises, we recommend that you take a look at your contract before sending the new card in order to find out in advance about possible costs for issuing and shipping.

What happens if money is charged to my stolen credit card?

Even if money is withdrawn or purchases have been made with the stolen credit card: the consumer is protected from high financial damage! In ยง 675v BGB, among other things, liability in the event of credit card theft is regulated. In principle, the bank must pay for the damage and restore the account to its original status. The person concerned only has to share the liability in the amount of 50 euros if debits were made in the period between the disappearance of the credit card and the report of the theft. After the "blocking call" has been made, the account holder does not have to bear any financial losses. For this reason, too, documentation of the processes is of particular importance.

The law protects victims of credit card theft from financial loss. And the banks themselves often offer consumer-friendly services for these cases: Many credit institutions already release the customer from any liability claims in accordance with the contract, so that even the assumption of 50 euros stipulated in the BGB is no longer applicable in any case. To be sure, it is worth taking a look at the contract.