What are some hidden secrets

7 hidden secrets that make Witcher 3 awesome today

Even five years after the release, almost no one knows these seven things about The Witcher 3.

Actually, the players should already know the world of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt by heart. After all, the open world game from CD Projekt Red has been up and down since May 2015 and is even experiencing a second spring thanks to the Netflix series and the release on the Nintendo Switch. We've definitely revealed every secret, hatched every Easter egg and posted everything at least once on Reddit! Or?

The developers responsible can only laugh about it. As level designer Miles Tost and Quest designer Philipp Weber reveal in an interview, CD Projekt has outsmarted the players more than once and hiding one or two strange secrets right under their noses. But we were able to elicit a few from them and put them together for you.

Which secret bugs Stuck in The Witcher 3 for a long time and how they brought the developers to the brink of a nervous breakdown, you can read in the big plus report:

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Because Cyberpunk 2077 was postponed, we just grabbed the original April 16 release to reminisce. We will devote the next two weeks entirely to the open-world epic The Witcher 3 and take you on a virtual journey through Novigrad, Velen, Skellige and Co. to discover the secrets and stories that make CD Projekt Meisterwerk so unique and special . Whether in article form, as a video, live stream and of course as a podcast.

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How The Witcher 3 almost told a dark war story in the add-on

What the plague maiden is all about

The quest series from Keira Metz very early in the witcher's adventure sends you to the trap island, where you are supposed to examine the tower of the magician Alexander. There you meet the ghost of the young Anabelle. Their family was hiding in the tower when Nilfgaard invaded the country. However, the local farmers felt betrayed by this and unceremoniously stormed the walls with torches and pitchforks.

To avoid them, the young noblewoman took a magic potion from the magician and so fell into an artificial rigor. However, her lover really thought she was dead and the tragic story took its course. Anabelle, completely immobile by the potion, was left behind and finally eaten alive by rats.

Since then, there has been a curse on the tower that Geralt can only break if he brings the bones of the deceased to their lover to bury - at least that's what the witcher believes. However, Anabelle turns out to be a plague maiden who kills her lover and henceforth brings death and disease to the land. This is where their story ends in the game, but originally it was supposed to continue.

When we help the innocent-looking Anabelle, we are actually unleashing a great evil on the world.

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A disease as a biological weapon

The first expansion for The Witcher 3 should originally have been about exactly this pestmaid and the effects of the war on Novigrad. The plague maiden was actually supposed to bring the plague over the country, which turns out to be fatal due to the poor hygienic conditions in Novigrad. At the same time, the addon should show how cruelly Nilfgaard treats the population of Velen and regularly confront us with mountains of corpses and other gloomy abysses of war.

It was even planned that Nilfgaard would instrumentalize the plague as a biological weapon. Our sorcerer Geralt would have gotten even more involved in political power struggles and had to face difficult moral decisions. Spy Dijkstra was also to play a much larger role there.

Why was the story cut? The answer is very simple: The Witcher 3 was already huge and was just finished without 10 hours of additional action. That is why the narrative thread was initially transferred to an add-on, but ultimately it was deleted entirely.

Remains can still be found in the open world, by the way: Have you ever wondered why the Devil's Pit in Velen has been completely expanded, but abandoned and without any quest content? Originally a quarantine station for plague sufferers with its own quest line should have been built here. Because it felt strange and unfinished without the overarching plot, it also had to give way and the place remained empty.

Did you have the feeling that something was missing from the Devil's Pit? You were right!

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