How can someone with power become corrupt


The word 'corruption' comes from Latin and means 'corruption' or 'depravity'. There are different types of corruption, but they all have one thing in common: someone who is corrupt or bribed is abusing their power to gain an advantage. For example, politicians have the power to make decisions in their city or country. In doing so, they should be independent and pay attention to which decision is the best for the citizens. For example, if a politician is to decide which construction company can build a new school, he has to choose the company that works best and is also cheap.

But if the politician gives the contract to a certain building contractor because he gets great trips or other gifts from him, then one can say that the building contractor bought the politician's decision. The politician has used his power because he has not made independent decisions. He also gave the entrepreneur friend an advantage. And he himself could hope to be invited again on a trip, for example. This type of corruption is also known as the acceptance of benefits and, like all types of corruption, is prohibited in Germany. The person who tries to buy decisions is just as punishable as the person who is bought or bribed.

Corruption is dangerous for democracy

In some countries around the world, corruption is an everyday thing. Anyone who wants to get a job or a place at university, needs permission to build a house or just wants to be treated in a hospital, has to pay a bribe. That means he has to bribe those responsible with money. In a corrupt society, money rules. Rules and laws that ensure that everyone has the same rights no longer have any meaning. As a result, people lose confidence in politicians, the police or the courts.

Status: 23.03.2010, 10:15