Why are pets affected by fireworks

Protect animals from the fireworks

Even if more and more communities decide not to ignite any more official fireworks, the bang leads to above-average stress and fear in the animals. You can see the fear most clearly in dogs, says Clemens Giselbrecht from the Vorarlberg Animal Welfare Home. When the bang starts, the stress begins and the animals begin to tremble all over.

Music and presence help

In the animal shelter they try to prevent this by closing all doors and windows, engaging with the animals even more than usual and playing soothing music in the background, explains Giselbrecht.

You can do a similar thing for your dog at home, says Wilhelm Märker from the Vorarlberger Hundesportverein. “Stay at home, make it dark, switch on the television or radio, make music, deal with the animal and, above all, don't go for a walk at midnight,” advises Märker.

Symptoms can last for several days

Even if you look better at stress and fear in dogs, according to animal rights activist Giselbrecht cats are just as affected. They can have symptoms for a few days after the bang.

In such moments, both dogs and cats are often looking for a place of retreat to offer them, says dog trainer Märker. Above all, this includes letting the animal be where you are, for example in the living room.

In addition, pet owners can provide their loved ones with a special retreat at home - according to Giselbrecht, it is often enough to throw a blanket over a chair next to your own couch and build a kind of safe cave for the animal.