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The comparison of cheap public liability for a building construction company

Is public liability insurance absolutely necessary for building construction? Yes, it is of existential importance. Unfortunately, especially in the stress of starting a business, it is overlooked how important public liability insurance is for building construction companies. Even a small carelessness can put you and your company in financial ruin in this extensive industry.

Not to be neglected in this trade are possible environmental damage. For this reason, every public liability insurance for building construction should include environmental damage liability. As a freelance insurance broker, we have stored the offers of numerous insurers for you in our online business liability calculator: Building construction online business liability calculator. Find the right offer here. The service and comparison is free of charge for you in any case.

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Which activities do I include in the building construction public liability insurance?

It should be noted that an insurance company is not liable for damage caused by activities that are not explicitly listed in the insurance policy. Therefore, when applying for your commercial liability for the building construction company, list any work you have carried out and offered. Construction methods such as solid construction, skeleton construction, half-timbering, timber frame construction, bulkhead construction or system construction are of course also insured under the risk of building construction. You are responsible for the completeness of this information. You should therefore also ensure that the activities you have specified are then listed in the policy.

Other activities that are often carried out as part of building construction work are window installation, scaffolding, etc. It does not matter what you have to say in your business registration, but what services you actually offer and perform. In the event that you add further activities to your profile after taking out public liability insurance for building construction, you are obliged to report this to your company immediately. This expansion does not always result in a higher contribution.

Examples of damage for public liability insurance in building construction

Structural damage

When building an apartment building, there is enormous time pressure due to various circumstances. The newly trained assistant of the company is responsible with a colleague for the walling of the facade and its insulation including the window installation. When you work fast, you overlook a few small things. Months later, tenants complain of moisture accumulation and mold growth in the walls and around the windows, which can be traced back to negligence during construction. The cost of repairing the damage and repairing the entire facade is € 22,500.

Activity damage

A building construction company is commissioned to renovate parts of the facade of a large office complex. To do this, the old facade has to be removed almost completely in various places. While drilling open and removing these parts, workers inadvertently cut a few lines. Renewal and repair costs the company € 3,400.

Which insurance sums do I choose for public liability for building construction?

The offers of the insurers differ in their various service models, also in terms of the sum insured. Here the values ​​in the “standard” tariffs are usually sums of two to three million euros for personal injury and property damage. When choosing the right protection for you, the most important thing is to what extent and on which objects you carry out your work. For work on single or small multi-family houses, insurance sums of three million euros are usually sufficient. However, if your orders involve large building complexes or public clients, higher sums of five million euros may have to be agreed for personal injury and property damage.

What do I have to consider? Extension of the terms of liability for building construction companies

Don't save in the wrong place. It's about protecting you and your company against all possible sources of damage. Many additional conditions are only offered by insurers in the high-performance top tariffs. When making your choice, therefore, please note the service overview provided by us and make sure that services that are important for you are included. Particular attention is paid to the inclusion of processing damage (also called activity damage). These should be covered in the liability insurance for building construction companies in the same amount as property damage. The sums can be found separately in our overview.

Does a deductible in a public liability insurance for building construction companies make sense?

A public liability insurance is not taken out for the settlement of small damages. But to protect you and your company in their existence from high claims for damage. For this reason, a deductible of 150-1000 euros per claim should be considered. The advantage is a discount of up to 30 percent on public liability costs. You can find the different variants in our online calculator.

Private liability insurance included?

You can see the completeness of private liability and a certain level of performance from service points such as "bad debt coverage", "acts of courtesy" and "damage to rented and movable objects". This inclusion is often offered when taking out public liability insurance. This is a full family personal liability insurance for the policyholder. With many providers, this is even included in the terms and conditions free of charge.

Sole proprietorship turnover: 100,000 euros, new establishment in the last 12 months

Personal injury: 3,000,000 euros
Property damage: 3,000,000 euros
general deductible: 1000 euros

Insurance contribution:
490.88 euros annually

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