Should Singapore's military budget be increased

Opinion poll on increasing military spending in their own country 2018

Published by Bruno Urmersbach on January 22nd, 2020
The statistic shows the result of a global survey from December 2018 on the question of whether the government should increase military spending in view of the dangers in the world. According to the Ipsos Global @dvisor - World Affairs study by the Halifax International Security Forum and Ipsos, a total of 76 percent of Indian citizens surveyed believe that their government should increase military spending. On a global average, 49 percent of respondents from the 25 participating countries (population excluding China and Saudi Arabia) are of the opinion that the government should invest more money in its own military. Most of the Spaniards surveyed reject the increase in the Spanish military budget - only 34 percent support an increase in military spending in view of the global security situation.

Given the dangers in the world, should the government increase military spending? * Assessment of respondents in a global opinion poll in 27 countries. 2018

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