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Trip to Singapore - Welcome to Asiatic Switzerland

The Republic of Singapore is just 50 years young. Compared to other countries, the island state is not even in puberty, but with more than 11 million foreign tourists a year it is one of the ten most visited cities in the world - and has a lot more in store.

With Singapore Airlines we went to the 14,600 kilometers away Asiatic Switzerland, as the city-state is also often called. The nickname has its reasons: Singapore is incredibly structured, meticulously clean, very expensive, independent and neutral. But, with 30 degrees and 80 percent humidity, it is “slightly” warmer.

Travel tip number 1

The plane takes about 14 hours without a stopover. Plenty of time to use the airline's generous entertainment system or to go shopping. And here we come to the ultimate Singapore tip. Buy a SIM card on board. For the equivalent of 7.50 euros, you can surf the next few days with 100 gigabytes of volume. Yes, no typo, one hundred gigabytes of traffic. That should be a hundred to fifty times your ridiculous cell phone tariff in Germany. And that with 4G (LTE) speed.

Pan Pacific

If you have the opportunity to stay at the Pan Pacific Hotel, you should take it. But be careful, in Singapore you like vertical meters. Bubble lift (glass elevators on the outside wall of the hotel) and a dizzying architecture inside make the 5-star hotel a visual adventure.

The lobby is gorgeous. Separated sofa and seating areas, which are provided with light and decorative elements that look like calyx, invite you to linger. Water features on the floor complete the picture. Feng Shui is very important here. The rooms are spacious, aesthetically furnished and with large panoramic windows offer a perfect view of the city and the Formula 1 track.

Skyline Luge and Skyride

At lunchtime, it is a good idea to take the cable car through the air to Sentosa Island. Sentosa is a small Singaporean island that can be easily reached by Skyride from Singapore.

After the gondola ride, which is not entirely free from giddiness, the next tourist attraction awaits. Skyline Luge is a course of curves and chicanes that leads down the mountain. There is a three-wheeled toboggan run. This 650 m long summer toboggan run ends at Siloso Beach. The concept comes from New Zealand and is spreading internationally.

At the foot of the island there is a cozy bar on the beach, in the Tanjong Beach Club there is light cuisine and a view of the - it's hard to believe - unused beach. Asians are afraid of water.

Lau Pa Sat street food market

This is where modernity and tradition meet. At the Telok Ayer Market or simply called Lau Pa Sat (old market), you can get incredibly delicious, traditional finger food. Amazing - so that in the evening you can eat under the open sky at the foot of the many skyscrapers, the main street is closed around 7 p.m. and equipped with tables and chairs.

Cool tiger beer, hot satay skewers, prawns and steamed Swiss chard with garlic sauce are definitely not to be missed here. Garbage, leftover food or unpleasant smells? Nothing! Not even old chewing gum on the curb. Everything is in the city-state meticulously clean.

Speaking of chewing gum

You won't find any chewing gum leftover in Singapore, you won't find any chewing gum at all, because this is taboo - with exceptions. The sale of chewing gum was banned from 1992 to May 2004. You can now get the bubblegum in pharmacies, of course “only” for medical use. The fact that you are not allowed to import chewing gum for private use is just an urban legend - you can.

Formula 1 training

During the Singapore Grand Prix, there is a devout atmosphere in the metropolis. The engine noises shoot through the city at regular intervals - and everyone just seems to soak up this atmosphere. In the evening you have a wonderful view of the route from the Mandarin Oriental Bay @ 5 Bar. With champagne and finger food, you can look out over the impressive skyline and one of the most exciting curves of the track in a relaxed lounge atmosphere.

Amber Lounge

When the sun has long since set and is thinking about going up again, the party begins in the Amber Lounge. The temporary club concept is extremely exclusive. The lounge is only open during Formula 1 and moves around the world with the races. Monaco, Abu Dhabi, Mexico City and during the night races - also in Singapore. The idea comes from Sonia Irvine and was launched in 2003. Fashion shows, celebrities, racing drivers and high society are the order of the day here. A crazy melting pot of music, fashion and energy - good for the eyes, bad for the liver.

The first part of our travelogue ends here. With the Formula 1 night race, Gardens by the Bay and the cultural side of Singapore, it's in Part 2 further.

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