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1 Scilicet NWO Scientosyno blood rituals Jesus Christ A new old spirit awakens in an old New World Order Author: Bernhard Mähr and his snake (see X-ray picture) Inspired by APOPHIS A work in the sense of the Thelema but as an antithesis to Aleister Crowley

2 Preface First a word about real Caliphat OTO members, because I am and never have been a member of such an organization. Nevertheless, I see the teachings of the Caliphat OTO closest to my memories since the beginning of time - the faith of the Egyptian pharaohs who watched a new god come to earth with a cross. But when it comes to the Luciferian ideas of Aleister Crowley, I remember that this was already discussed in the afterlife and that we did not want to accept Crowley in the afterlife even before I was born in 1979, because we did not want to fall out of favor with the God of Cross. See Jesus was a true Messiah - and that's how I recognize him - as a savior on the team, so to speak. Because the teachings of Crowley and his book of lawlessness are precisely those that are known to me from the pleyads and represent the subtle difference between the good side of the pleyads and the perfect side of the evil. Because with this perfectness comes pure evil, this is how it has been defined in creation since the beginning of time. Because the one we made perfect has become a great evil for us. It is he who will never humiliate himself as a person. Now one or the other will surely ask how the initiation - the first contact - came about. Now some things are described in the book of Bernhard, but part of the solution to the merging and resonance of the contact between the hereafter and this world lay in reading the Egyptians' Book of the Dead and in the promise of Anubis to bring back the snake, which has already happened. And so, with the help of Apophis, I found my way to the underworld and back again - to defend myself against the attacks on my heart by various occultists. In this regard, it should only be said that I stay away from these occultists as much as possible, as they mostly only cause trouble and the attempt is almost always to destroy some Luciferian ideas in the perfect balance between the Egyptian gods and the god of the cross. Now a real Christian will ask what the first commandment - you shouldn't have any other gods next to me - is all about. This is essentially the knowledge from the Book of Enoch what can and can go wrong when the power of God falls into the wrong hands. Since this is only possible with a fundamentally good person through extreme methods such as e.g. Torture, blood rituals, I see the HORUS - decision less in naming an exclusive god as the best god than in bringing peace and as the first commandment: YOU SHOULD NOT TORTURE. There are of course different degrees of severity of torture, the simplest is certainly the confusion of language - as it was imposed on people after the Tower of Babel. The author has already succeeded in gaining the trust of God in order to briefly resolve this confusion of language with the help of HORUS in some religious encounters - e.g. with the Dalai Lama. The confusion of language as torture is also described in the CUBARK, the torture manual of the CIA. This can be viewed online on Wikipedia. This exclusive God, the Creator God, can therefore practically no longer be reached from earth as a unity without the side of good and evil. Because see good and bad was unfortunately one of the very first concepts of creation - as it is written in the book of Moses. After God created the earth, he looked to see if it was good. At this moment, pure evil also already exists, since creation is always designed from several dimensions with a scale in between and resonates between these poles. Therefore, the Creator God can practically never be reached directly

3 without Luciferian intervention. This is especially true for ORMUS Gold and the Holy Grail. After reading it carefully, the author of this work received several calls when he first wrote the book. Now he has written it again and posted information on the Internet - so we can save ourselves the repeated calls. The first call came from someone who told him he had bought and read his book and had never read more than 100 pages of such bullshit. The author replied that it couldn't be nonsense because it was about his entire life and every line corresponded to the truth he had experienced and perceived. Because he defined the truth about what can be perceived through the senses - the human being. So how could this truth be bullshit - especially since he had such a psychic snake? You can see the snake in the head on the left in the cover picture, right next to it are some signs that God had left him on lava flow, just as he wrote it in the book of life. You also see the hammer of God that points to the neck of the snake in the head because this is a noticeable symbol in the X-ray image of the struggle between good and evil since the beginning of creation. In the right picture you can see a normal adder of a person who has not yet read the Egyptian Book of the Dead and therefore has no relation to the origin of mankind. Then a second person called him that they had never read a work that would contain more misspellings than this book. So he replied to this second person that the very snake that inspired the book next to the helping hand of Jesus and God did not have good spelling skills because it was of old Sumerian nature. Because they did everything they could to prevent it from being published the first time they tried to publish the book. It was those who launched and harassed one attack after another since childhood. Now that everyone is talking about HAARP being used, I see a good chance of republishing this truth of my life. See, I had the job twice because they erased everything for me, the state intelligence agencies and these occultists. If that is not enough proof that we are on the verge of a new Hitler - NWO - dictatorship then I do not know what else is needed to wake up the population. Because the time was beautiful when the ancient Egyptian stone tablets were still written in holy birds and holy hands because they were golden ages. These ages were beautiful and had pleased the Creator - until he himself appeared and wanted to abolish slavery. From then on the world and all beliefs went downhill, as a blood ritual of the crucifixion and the prophecy that followed constantly required blood. For look at this ancient serpent from Egypt, it was prophesied in the Bible in the Jesus revelation. Jesus had dedicated a few lines to her because he already knew her then, the old serpent. So see, they shouldn't complain about their spelling skills, because the great skulls of governments and kings had twisted the rules so often that it became too stupid for him. In addition, he took over the idea of ​​Thelema - do what you want - in such unimportant things, and Apophis himself knows that this is precisely why he put worms and maggots in people's skulls because they had such worms and maggots after the confusion of the language of the tower of Babel . And they had planned a new tower, the NWO tower, to see God again and to become gods themselves, so why not simply confuse the language for them further. So see, the new language is confused again because it is half English and half German in three reforms - the language of the new generation of people. It will soon have a prophesied end - an end by war. See God personally burned JENS into the stone, so there was already enough evidence on earth. Particular interest in the inability of people to put their salt in the

Using 4 soup (the power of the head) had awakened the evidence of the renewed crucifixion. Because now it did not matter between JENS and ODEM, the puzzle game, whether the answer was YES or NO to the question of the King of the Jews. In both cases one was crucified and crucified again by the Romans. Because it was still the same Roman Empire that had read the Bible aloud over the millennia after the events of JENS and ODEM. Then a third call reached him, which asked if he wasn't afraid to go to hell for this book because this caller felt pushed open by every line. He only replied to them that people and angels do not have to read every line of the Bible like a manual - what was wrong with the angels - and that only applies to the little gray angels, not to those of God the Creator! - have to stick to the Bible. Therefore, those who orient their faith according to this book and not only read it for interest must be ready to overcome the gray angels and return directly to the Creator God of the beginning of heaven and earth. Because he originally had an ankh in his hand and not a cross, because the world was still simple and in order. At that time he had not yet led a people out of the hands of the Egyptians, only that they turned their backs on him and appointed a king again - the people of Israel in the holy land - which was the beginning of all trouble. And see, we want to finally end this anger - the HORUS and the prophecies of the MAAT (order). The appearance of Lucifer's light burned into the floor tiles in front of a bank splashed with holy water by the Romans The idea of ​​the New World Order (NWO), a new world order, is not new. An idea to organize this world already led the Nazis under the leadership of Adolf Hitler into the Second World War. The STASI was used for this - identically, this spirit now awakens anew. A leader of a new world order as ruler over the entire planet would be equal to God because only God has the omnipotence to rule over all people on this earth. Even further back in history, the Tower of Babel, an attempt to equal God, also failed. God punished the people because of it

5 of this self-arrogance with confusion of language and spread it over the entire earth. The new old spirit as a human being to come equal to God and to have to rule over the entire earth awakens in this modern era in 2013 again in the implementation of the NWO, the same old idea. The Knights Templar guarded the knowledge of the punishment of God that comes with this renewed attempt. However, the first punishments are visible worldwide. The attempt to use geoengineering to place the weather under the power of man and thus to play the god of the weather leads to environmental disasters and the great flood worldwide. Whether this is human intervention by HAARP and TTA because the human being is not mature enough to possess such a God-like technology, or whether God's punishment actually becomes recognizable is of secondary importance for faith. God has often worked through man in the past and so the attempt alone is already decisive and in any case the cause. Salvation can only be found in a new spirituality, an acceptance and renunciation of the possibilities of one's own power. The upgrading and increasing spying of today's modern times leads people on a straight path to perdition, since the perfect human being does not and never will be. Therefore, in the end, people will face the problem of not being able to lock up all the people on earth and again create solutions like in the Second World War. The FEMA camps, the concentration camps send their regards. Have you already disappeared without a trace, were you shot by a drone or are you still alive? Have you not yet committed pre - crime under US law and feel guilty? This book introduces you to the mirror in a way never seen before - the ultimate birds of mankind.

6 Scientosyno Scientosyno is belief and knowledge about the ultimate bird of humanity. According to the if-then-because principle, every cause has an effect. This effect can again be the cause of other effects. This is how our universe continues to develop. This doctrine of cause and effect analysis leads to comprehensive approaches. Scientosyno is the comprehensive knowledge (Scire = knowledge) about the final bird (Syno = Federfieh) of the human being and thus synonymous the mirror held up in front of the present time. This holding up the mirror is necessary because the human being does not see himself. Even the Pope literally says: The blind world does not see the problem. While the traditional religions, which have existed for a very long time, are less and less accepted as inner advisors in modern times and are hardly applicable in their teachings, new religious associations and beliefs are emerging in modern times . Most of these beliefs, which mostly fall under the term sect, are based on modern ideas and, unfortunately, are often based on the pursuit of power. At least some of them also provide answers to urgent problems of our modern times. A directory for Austria can be found at: According to Scientosyno's core belief - knowledge of the ultimate human bird - the number of birds that can be communicated and used by humans is unlimited in most sects. The brainwashing ranges from a bridge that leads to nowhere, to the need to keep turtles in an apartment, to necromantic ideas and rituals. Scientosyno has the knowledge of indoctrine and knows many of the methods to insert a new bird into humans, but categorically rejects all of them. Holding up the mirror is not intended to encourage the use of all of these methods. Such an immature reader should better read something else if possible.

7 The bird of the shortage of skilled workers with simultaneous mass unemployment Anyone who wants an NWO, a new world order with a new world economy, must first bear in mind that completely different cost structures and economic factors exist along the sovereignty of the states. With the introduction of this NWO, the entrepreneur has an enormous amount of money to decide between the Spaniard in Austria and the Indian in India. The attempt to bring the Indian to Germany as an inexpensive specialist could only fail because the Indian recognizes the four times higher cost of living with approximately the same income and wisely travels back. On the other hand, the typical Austrian or German citizen does not want to live like an Indian and does not live that long with the quality of drinking water in India. I have personally experienced the difficulties an American woman can get into in India by continuing the excessive American lifestyle (ice cubes - drinks in the disco, meat poisoning, etc.) without taking local conditions into account as a matter of course. After a doctor's third syringe, someone explained to her that some doctors wash out the syringes with well water because of a lack of training. You can imagine the subsequent psychological damage to the roof yourself. The conflict between business administration and technology has intensified since the economic crisis. The competition has become tougher and the labor market is feeling the effects as well. Prices rise with noticeable inflation (apartments cost more than C in Austria) while wages remain constant or even threaten to fall. We are in the longest recession in the real economy. The shortage of skilled workers arises from a purely arithmetical point of view due to the cheaper labor offered and not due to the lack of orders in IT. With the existing unemployment in Spain, the search for labor in Spain is a cheap alternative to outsourcing in India. The world of capital is out of joint. While on the capital markets in the worldwide casino with a skillful hand, 20% capital gains can be achieved in 6 months and 99.5% of the entire money in this world is managed in this casino, the labor force is gradually taxed higher every year. This results from the fact of inflation with an unchanged wage tax progression curve. In terms of taxation, almost everyone is a top earner these days and has the highest tax progression in Austria. The euro area will plunge into chaos, the US dollar is on the brink of collapse. Both currencies will have to be replaced again in the next few years due to the high national debt. Whether the world economy will accept such a simple replacement of the US dollar with no consequences is another matter. At least China is already thinking about its own alternative strategies.

8 The master plan - bird of a final hostility to life on our earth In the midst of this chaos that has arisen from the economic crisis, people have developed a new bird. This bird is concerned with the possibilities of finally destroying the planet earth. Huge amounts of money are tapped by the government, while at the same time the government is kept on course in its decisions by an elite through the largest global lobby and some of the world's most financially strongest foundations. The bird of having to systematically destroy the planet is not entirely new to humans. In the last few years, but at least since 2005, this bird has become enormously worrying. Probably the worst combination is currently fracking in connection with geoengineering. In hydraulic fracturing (fracking for short), natural gas is extracted in an unconventional way.This releases huge amounts of methane into the atmosphere. This methane promotes the greenhouse effect around 20 times more than CO2 and thus has the potential to increase global warming by at least another 3 degrees Celsius per year. Fracking created a gold rush in the USA, and many new lucrative jobs were created in the midst of the crisis. At the same time, accidents during fracking repeatedly lead to toxic contamination of drinking water. In geo-engineering, the greenhouse effect is reduced by around 1 degree Celsius per year. In combination, we heat the planet by approx. +2 degrees Celsius annually and poison it by bringing tons of aluminum and other toxic substances into the earth's atmosphere through chemtrails to artificially create clouds and reduce solar radiation! Aluminum supports stupidity and causes Altsheimer. This elitist human bird is questionable. The greatest crimes against humanity, against fundamental values ​​such as democracy, the right to life and physical integrity as well as scientific, detailed disclosures and knowledge of such projects through secrecy are most easily carried out directly in front of the eyes of the people. No one would expect such a public and completely unbelievable manipulation of the peoples of our earth and would dismiss everyone as an untenable conspiracy theory. Nevertheless, there are now enough people who have recognized such a new reality and possibly also a new world order. Scientosyno understands this new human bird for what it is. There is no life behind a bridge, there is no new functioning order, there is a billion dollar business and probably the most powerful and greatest bird of all time. Decades full of efforts for a more environmentally friendly policy, every project of a large number of companies for the sustainability of the economy and for the protection of our planet are by a small elite for the benefit of the shareholders and speculators in this big turbo - capitalist - master plan, which also includes the energy independence of the USA , destroyed. Due to the tons of aluminum, strontium, barium and many non-degradable chemicals, our planet is finally being brought to collapse at an unprecedented rate. It looks as if 15 people from a time horizon of 3 generations could limit the destruction of the earth to the current young generation. Scientosyno does not give any new answers to the afterlife. The known concepts are tried and tested and were presented on earth and experienced through the snake. These would be the underworld experienced several times, the already visited heaven and the already visited and people

9 paradise shown on earth as well as rebirth - also out of heaven. The master plan - Bird to destroy the planet reduces the perspective of many people to a minimum. This minimum strategy is therefore becoming increasingly popular. So how does such a minimum strategy work? Along the anti-capital calculation, many assume the idea of ​​the flood behind me - with all the associated consequences. The second non-linear option would be Enoch. Because the salt in the soup is still missing even after 2000 years. So one could actually easily align the constitution and the penal code according to the 10 commandments - similar to the Egyptian stone tablets - there would be no less and no more justice. Justice is the largest soap bubble in the world for many today. Only real true belief in YAHWEH leads to justice. Scientosyno assumes an increased generation of so-called at some point collapsing economic bubbles. Therefore, no interest rate higher than 6% will be charged on loans for many years. Nobody can work if the drinking water has been contaminated for decades and the brain performance due to metals and chemicals reaches its minimum prematurely. Even the generation of stupid with gender mainstreaming ideas and newfangled concepts that come from psychiatry instead of believing in God contributes to the fact that a majority of the population does not keep a job for more than 3 years. The challenge for HR consultants and HR managers is developing accordingly. In addition to the new fracking gold digger intoxication in the USA, there are no sensible measures to date to reduce oil consumption in the USA or to convert mobility to natural gas. Instead, oil consumption and traffic are increasing due to the many mega trucks that drive through all cities. Due to the oversupply of natural gas, a switch from nuclear energy to natural gas is now being discussed instead. The environmental disasters are even higher due to the water pollution than with conventional coal processing. Because of this short-sightedness, Scientosyno assumes not only destructiveness but also the next mega economic bubble, fracking. When in doubt, stay relaxed.

10 The bird of the energy lobby The deliberate dulling of large parts of humanity is intentional. The multitasking training, the constant change of thoughts every few minutes by constant beeping of a new SMS, a new notification, a new s, etc. makes people permanently sick and stupid. The brain gets a little dopamine boost with every change, our reward and happiness hormones are stimulated and, in the long term, it is unable to bring a clear thought through to its conclusion. We recognize the social impact as soon as we open our eyes. From immature government reforms to unfinished products to energy drink and social networking addiction (caffeine supports the flight of thoughts, constant thought switching, so-called brain switching), all of this has become normal before our very eyes. The gap between educated people who are learning at an outdated level and the current state of science and technology has never been greater. But what happens to many researchers who have been discovering milestones for humanity for over a century? You don't have to be a Nikola Tesla to do this. You will quickly find out the following natural law even in the small everyday business of a company: As soon as you achieve a successful breakthrough, targeted human forces appear which subjugate you economically and / or prevent you from making progress. Large amounts of money give unlimited power. At the same time, money and the economic system give people a drive and represent the pressure behind any progress. Most people, without the need to earn money, initially lapse into indolence, but then give their life a completely new meaning. This new meaning is then devoted to a higher, more humane goal than coping with everyday life and the struggle for survival. A small elite group of perhaps 100 people controls the world through money and constantly holds all the strings in their hands. This elite has no interest in losing its power and is also humanly incapable of giving up power. The predominant pursuit of this small elite group is to get even more power. Despite this extreme wealth, the well-known adage that money does not make you happy also applies here. Sit on a beach or in a nature reserve with the love of your life and you may feel a moment of happiness that these power-sick people get through your own thoughts about money (what could I buy, sell, buy, etc.) ) is no longer possible. Every seed of truth like this written gold grain of truth poses a threat to these narcissistic people. The aim is therefore to ward off this threat immediately. This explains why researchers like Nikola Tesla and John Hutchinson have their houses burned down. Although the greatest genius of his time, Mr. Nikola Tesla was on the best way over 50 years ago to make free energy available for every household on the basis of so-called zero-point energy or space energy. He suffered the same fate. His research was classified as secret and not pursued further for the benefit of mankind. Even the donors, at the time above all G.P. Morgan, were no longer interested in this research as soon as it became known that free energy, which was available to everyone in a relatively simple manner, could be generated, but that no electricity meter could be connected to it. So this remains revolutionary

11 Research in the military applications and secret laboratories of our governments. Nevertheless, more and more concrete grains of truth are reaching an ever broader mass. It is a cornerstone of Scientosyno to support this necessary rethinking of power and money in the masses of people in the interests of humanity and in the interests of the free press. Instead of Big Brother, watch valuable independent documentation on YouTube and then turn on the brain necessary for a rethink in order to understand the overall extent of the change. The Greenpeace protest: If the world were a bank, you would have saved it long ago. is true insofar as our governments do not provide a fraction of the support for free energy and basic non-military research through the powerful energy lobby and instead prefer to put the money in those banks that push 99.5% of the money in the casino across the globe. The entire banking system is based on keeping mankind as slaves of a debt that is constantly increasing due to interest rates and is never repayable. We needed this money as a means to be able to exchange services fairly in order to move us as human beings to the point where we are today. In this new age, money stands in our way more than it moves us to new progress. If drinking water were to become more expensive than oil and gas in terms of supply and demand in the areas of the USA destroyed by fracking, then there would suddenly be efforts to monopolize and privatize water and thus to remain the oil and water shed of the future. This explains the recent drive by elite governments to privatize water. Even with free energy for all human beings, the new slavery of human beings would be possible again via the essentials such as fresh water and fresh air. Humanity must therefore abolish or strongly revolutionize the concept of money in order to ensure survival. Otherwise, chemtrails, fracking and the currently deliberate rage of destruction will leave us with nothing worth living in in the long term, the perfect moment of happiness remains a past memory. The power-sick elite would rather kill us than allow a freely developed humanity.

12 A True Story A little school boy aged 13 played around with a few permanent magnets and found out that with permanent magnets there must be another form of energy called free energy. This discovery was new to the boy, but not so new to an elite, the energy lobby. At about the same time there were first and second grade students in the school. The first grade had excellent eyesight, the second grade students had to compensate their eyesight with glasses. The boy we are talking about belonged to the second grade human and was bullied regularly in school because of it. Much later it turned out that one of the bullying students was part of a Scientology family and that this cult celebrates the difference between 1st class and 2nd class people with precisely this ametropia (elite thinking). As early as 1954, war was declared on every citizen in a secret CIA document called SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS. You see that is exactly the way of the elite to get rid of such unpleasant free spirits, to suppress it and to further enslave humanity. Then there are some Scientologists who have already been brainwashed and who are vigorously involved and do not even know what power interests are behind them, and for years one has already enforced one's will internationally beyond any legal system. That is the building of this new world order. From a legal point of view it is actually extremely questionable what is illegal and what is not, since war was declared on every citizen, including myself, before I was born in 1954. It is best to keep the 10 commandments of God (YAHWEH).

13 Crucifixion Jesus Christ Prophecies of the MAAT and the return of HORUS There are unbelievers and believers. As is well known, the unbelievers have no life after death and they are completely misguided because behind the movement of the demonization of all beliefs stand the professionals and these professionals worship Satan directly - they worship one incantation after the other, because that's how I personally already intend them my apartment. The believers see the events before they happen and this applies regardless of all religions - because the Holy Spirit is with them, with some like Bernhard, particularly strong. There he, Bernhard, saw Matthew chapter 25 LIVE in front of him as a vision in an exstatic vision in his darling HEIM (because the T was capitalized by God just as the chapter 25 was whispered by God when he spoke about his own book and the JIHAD meditated - and he was amazed that he only had to turn to the page without knowing it). Millennia later he, Bernhard, has a new vision that tells of a HORUS court who complains with the words: "Do you actually know how much work I have ahead of me?" and points with his hand at his stack of paper. Bernhard had to meditate on this for a long time in order to understand his earlier incarnations - this is anything but easy, you know - and now he understands it. In his book "Bernhard" he spoke against everyone who had stacked gold and paid taxes, so Horus had an unbelievable pile of papers in front of him to create justice. That is why the entire book of Bernhard is worth reading - so he and all believers read it in full. The prophecies of the MAAT - Armageddon and the Enoch repetition have been known to Bernhard since childhood. The book Bernhard, hidden deep in the heart, is about the awakening of the Creator God through the screeching of the false God and his antennae (HAARP), his birth and his arrival. In the meantime it was forbidden to him by the unbelievers. He has kept it for you - in his heart - and is writing it again. Please note that some of the contents of the book took place in the hereafter (4th dimension), some in this world and they are linked to one another. Many of the circumstances have already happened and some will happen. In any case, the prophecies are true and have already been religiously experienced on earth and in the hereafter. The author, Bernhard Mähr, writes in the third person about his holy serpent, the old serpent of the Bible in the Jesus prophecy, in his head.

14 From the perspective of the Koran, chapter 25 of the Gospel of Matthew is particularly recommended in the Bible for virgins and for faith in the JIHAD. But know that Satan is very close to this religion - much closer than to Christianity. There were many witnesses on the way described and God knows them all, because he writes everything down and I keep it in my memory - he has already received the little book which tastes so sweet but is grumpy in the stomach. The book of Bernhard contains many characters that did not correspond to the rules of the large skull, which have already been changed many times (German language and reforms). It is directly inspired by the sacred snake and therefore difficult to read because they put worms in the skulls of people, the snakes - especially APOPHIS. So much had the queues had enough of it that the rules no longer existed and the rush of change made life no longer worth living. For that too was the work of Satan. Was it beautiful when what was sacred was written in birds and arms (Egyptian, Sumerian). Because it was not worth just because they mated and did not follow the ankh the cross, to organize such bloodbaths and torment people in such a way. There were many witnesses along the way and they could all testify that he has been continually attacked since he was born and before that as well. He had been attacked since its inception, since the beginning of time. Because he was a victim of the puzzle game and the curse that everything should hit him that should hit Satan. DUB-BA-NI DUMU AMA-TO IMHOTEP. LUGAL MU-GEN, LUGAL BAD I-N-SIG DUMU ENE DIGIR Means: His writing board for his mother now that peace is coming. The king came, the king tore down the walls for all gods who brought messages from God.

15 A word about the Egyptian gods and the Bible God brought his people out of Egypt because the Egyptian gods had enslaved their people. Admittedly, that was a very large chaos of gods at the time and people understood very little of what was brought back then. God wanted people to be able to develop themselves without these gods and they did. Now it is the case that without the enslavement of man, man had developed to a point where he got out of control without the control of the Egyptian gods, because man developed in technology but not in humanity over thousands of years . This is due to the nature of man, which is very similar to the nature of the Egyptian gods. Why does the Book of Bernhard follow not only the Bible and the will of the Creator God so intensely but also the Egyptian truth. Quite simply, that is because these Egyptian gods have always offered a way to fight evil and demons, because until the day of the Last Judgment little or no directly noticeable help can be expected from God unless a person is constantly judging according to the inner voice (conscience) with which God and his angels constantly speak to people.Therefore, the book of Bernhard should not be a guide to learn any powers, but only serves the right to truth. Because the truth is, these Egyptian gods did a lot of work in building civilizations and taught people a lot what was initially allowed and desired by God. And they were masters in avoiding chaos - for a time anyway - until God decided to let people go his way without these gods.

16 HORUS Context Beginning and End The beginning and where the angels want to go back (A: 1) In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. STOP, that's not entirely correct, we can do it better and more precisely - because now we have had a lot of time to meditate on the books of Moses and Enoch, Enoch is a really big soap bubble - too big to ignore. In the beginning there was the lamb and it wanted to make a person, then a snake came along the way, looked into the future and saw what a bloodbath the person was causing. Then the snake decided to strangle the lamb for it. So a fairy came along the way and asked what was good and what was bad. Then both explained their point of view and the fairy decided that the lamb was good and the snake was bad - because she wasn't sure about the future but it was certain that the snake strangled the lamb. After that, God, who was the Lamb, created heaven and earth and some animals were in favor and others were especially against - Satan arose because of the serpent and put an ore mountain in front of it (Satan knew it was actually a volcano) than the angels were Gabriel, Uriel, Michael, Raphael, and ?. And those who now read the book of Bernhard, act accordingly and prove themselves righteous and worthy, will be angels with us again. The rest may continue to struggle in vain to go the wrong ways in the prophesied hell. Whereby Satan tells you, it's just such a fire and there are just such planets and the snake was not entirely wrong to strangle the lamb - it just depends on the perspective. (A: 2) Now God didn't know what to take for the angels so he took an image of himself. Because I know, ODEM, have known God since the beginning of time and know his type. It is actually quite simple, above all he fears everything new that he sees - he suspects and mostly rightly that everything new is a work of Satan who comes and says to you: "Do it ...". It was like that before the Erzberg. Geb came and asked, I don't know exactly now - there was such a shadow and he said "Do it ..." and I made you. Was that good? (A: 3) The angels whispered to each other and no one dared to answer. So an angel came and stepped forward - he had taken up all his courage: Yes, yes, but there is now such an ore mountain and it breathes fire. Well then I'm relieved, God answers and is happy that Geb did nothing wrong, sees the Erzberg and is very frightened. The archangels asked themselves what they should do now, there is such an ore mountain and it breathes fire. (A: 4) So some tried to blow away the ore mountain but it didn't work. Then the angel spoke again: "Come on, I know what, we'll fly around here and see if we can find something to solve the problem." And then everyone was excited and flew around and was completely horrified. These ore mountains were everywhere, one of them said: It's boring - it looks the same everywhere here. Who is this? The angels asked and God said: This is Jesus, my son - he will help you solve the problem because I gave him my sword. And they trusted him. (A: 5) Then Jesus led the archangels to a lake and said: So draw the water for me and carry it to the Erzberg because the water puts out the fire - do you understand? And they did as they were told and dragged them to the water. So it was no longer a fire but a geyser. Then one of the angels caught the hot water of the geyser when he wanted to put out the fire, it was again the angel who wrote this book for you, because he had ventured particularly far and the angels were amazed and called him JENS. You may have courage "- but they were no longer sure whether he was still an angel than a part

17 the fire had caught him. Then the good Djinn was born and he explained to the angels the beneficial effects of the hot spring. Then the jinn JENS didn't want to be a jinn anymore and so he first became a cherub and then even a seraphim. (A: 6) So it happened that the angels sometimes ventured a little closer to the geyser when dragging the water in order to enjoy the beneficial effects. And all kinds of symbols came from the Erzberg, including an ankh. Then Jesus came up with the sword and said: "You should put out the fire and not take a bath!". And he recognized JENS and saw that he was not an angel. So he pushed him to the Erzberg and the fire caught him full - but he held on to the ankh. There he was Djinn from nefarious fire on the Erzberg where the 5 angels were, but he was alive and said: "I am ..." and God said: "Yes, alive". I am, and he should remember it until the last day so that he could return. (A: 7) So a big red monster appeared and revealed himself: He had created the Erzberg and now they had given birth to a first son, from the angel that he once was. And the angels could not believe that such a thing could exist and that that had happened and God was also very frightened, because this monster was invincible and now also had a son. This one, however, always wanted to be good, but was then cursed that he should find out everything that they would do to the monster - we called it Satan - and so he became ODEM and since then had to fight with JENS there the pleyades - in which this Satan resides thought that with this puzzle they could finally defeat God. Thus came the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit - who was tormented endlessly because he was constantly attacked by the curse or by the horrors. (A: 8) But the Djinn did not want to lose his friends, the angels, and so he spoke to God - who dared not approach him very much - what did he have to do so that he could be an angel again. And they put together a strategy for the party guy that should help defeat the red monster for good. Then Jesus said: This is what you get from not following God and bathing instead of putting out the fire. But God promised to come up with something for the jinn because it was a good jinn and he was everywhere and irreplaceable and Jesus would save him again. (A: 9) And Jesus saw his guilt, because he had pushed him over the Erzberg and promised - he would help and support him wherever he could. Then the red monster, it had to be Satan, grabbed the newly born Djinn and dragged him with him. "You come with me!" he said and he explained everything to him - to defeat this fearful wretch who called himself God. But the Djinn asked him: "How does it all work, I couldn't even choose it?" and then Satan said (and he was just creative, but didn't know how to name it): "Go ahead and do it ..." and God added, "So I'll give you all the knowledge of the stars, because I trust you. And since you have a soulmate you went to Jesus and you both promised each other, but you seem to be made of smokeless fire, I call you ODEM. " Then came a good fairy - her name was Sirius from the star system of the Pleyades - she looked like an angel and said: "Yes and you promise your life and death, so that you keep your promise - because one of them will not die without the other - because you are complementary one out of fire and the other not ". (A: 10) And so ODEM was born and the angels called him the Holy Spirit. Jesus wanted to know what it had to do with the spirit and he looked in the book of the Pleyads. Then he says to ODEM: This is the fire of creation when a planet arises, you understand? He really was an angel of Jesus. And so he vowed to the ODEM to create the world for himself, to keep the promise and to return

18 that God gave him back his wings and made him an angel again. And ODEM was powerful, the most powerful of all and if you tortured him too much then he could destroy entire planets, because he knew both sides - those of the red monster Satan, because for some he was the god of the stars and the pleyads and those of the Living being - he was born as an Egyptian, was resurrected several times, created himself from a beetle and has a lot to tell - because the spirit was everywhere in millions of people - because he was ODEM and every living being had him so it believed in God. And he swore that on last day he would return with the old serpent to keep his promise. (A: 11) There it was now the missing last prophecy of ODEM in the book of Bernhard, because the story always comes through the prophets whom each of the archangels helped to help ODEM to become what it once was - as God had told them to do . So Gabriel gave the message from God after the crucifixion to JESUS ​​as preparation for ODEM, the Holy Spirit and ODEM helped him with Satan hiding and probably whispering in between. This is how Islam came into being - it fell from the sky as a star. So ODEM and JENS - they could no longer be distinguished, because the pleyades had taken care of what could only have been the work of Satan, the red monster, born and reborn. (A: 12) And ODEM had now got the star knowledge of the pleyades and they told him he had to and could now also create the world. So he created the world with many gods, because his consciousness was divided into many gods on earth - this was what Enoch, who was closest to Ezekiel, had described. Because he thought to himself and certainly didn't know any better, God does it that way too - he creates a few angels and then lets them do it. And besides, he thought to himself, then they will work and I can take a hot bath again - because God said we call it the Sabbath and he is holy to me because he helps to prevent war. Then he showed God what he had already done and achieved and God saw the first living beings - he called them dinosaurs. And the red monster praised him and said, then I'll make you so big and much bigger - now you're an adult. Then ODEM told him, now I am exhausted and take a hot bath - the red monster spat a comet from the sky and a fire jumped out of the earth. And God and JENS also ODEM tried desperately to put out the fire with clouds from the sky to rain on the volcano. Then ODEM jumped into the hot geyser and took a bath and shouted: Thank you dad, thank you monster. From then on, everyone was a witness and everyone knew it: that had to be the party type. So the dinosaurs became extinct. (A: 13) Since then God - he loved the living beings of the earth - hated this red monster, they agreed that it had to be Satan because Satan had invented the puzzle and they argued a lot. Others believed in the monster of the stars because it had a lot of power. Then ODEM said, God look into the future - look like this, that's not a problem. We create the people, the living beings just like the many gods - because he was just the party type. It must be from Planet X, but the angels certainly didn't speak of Earth. (A: 14) See, it was not easy to please God with these many gods because God did not approve of it - especially the many party gods that Enoch so described and who had conspired among themselves. Then God banished them from this earth. ODEM grew up with the Egyptians and these gods he had created and posed as god - they called them the Anunnaki (LORD OF LORDS AND KING OF KINGS) and gave each new god a new name - many statues and many miracles - because they very big but could also be small - the pyramids. See, we didn't torture them to build the pyramids because we knew the right notes make the stones fly. Because ODEM met these Egyptians on Planet X - the tenth planet that should hit the earth again, because this star was in the star library.

19 (A: 15) So it was done and the history of mankind began because so that ODEM could keep his promise destroyed the red monster, we called it Satan, the dinosaurs on planet earth, because they only fought - ignorant of this with humans not going to be much different. Then Jesus said, so I'll still see it, that's not how it works. And he looked at himself as a person and ran calluses on his feet and fought for order on this earth. Then God said - look at how JESUS ​​missionises, you will also have to do that ODEM - before that you will not be an angel. (A: 16) And see, shortly before Judgment Day, Jesus now looks at himself on this earth as ODEM evangelizes as a person on earth - the party guy. Because he founds a company and lets himself be shown marketing. And so he can do missionary work without calluses and take a bath in a bathtub and in a steam bath on this earth because the Sabbath was sacred to him. In addition, he thought, like Jesus, that with this puzzle game the good could be punished at the end - so take it easy because the war against these world domination plans of Satan can also be waged easily. So that everyone can read what he has to say and tell you since the beginning of time and about what is to come. Because that's how he missionises - the party guy - effectively and explains the consequences to you, because he is ODEM - the old snake and he deliberately missionizes differently, because he is tired of the puzzle game of Satan and remains true to himself as a believer in him Father, the Son and also the Holy Spirit for yourself. (A: 17) See because he is tired of the puzzle game of Satan because JENS and ODEM are both victims of this puzzle game - because he had torn their consciousness in two, Satan and so Bernhard could not die either ODEM was replaced by JENS and vice versa. Yes, he has already flown around with the imitation of the holy spirit and plays around with people, Satan. But we trust in God and that He will now put an end to this game. (A: 18) And so he will get married and celebrate his wedding, the party - type, if she wants the good woman - because she had promised when Jesus comes. The angels asked him before the wedding: "If you know your way around so well, ODEM as the Holy Spirit and Bernhard as a person who is not infallible, how is it that Moses wrote nothing about the Erzberg and about the dinosaurs? You can find bones everywhere so what you're saying has to be right. " Quite simply, ODEM said: The one who whispered to him was JENS - later JESUS ​​as a person and he should be infallible so how could it be that he had to push someone because he didn't want to be Satan himself, ignorant that it was Satan who gave him that already whispered to do. So this angel did not become Satan but ODEM - the Holy Spirit. But he did not dare to write or whisper this to Moses, because he feared he would be punished and so ODEM was punished with the sawed-up spirits that Enoch described. (A: 19) The angels asked him: But you will not punish him harshly, JESUS, will you? And then he answered him: No, of course not, he has forgiven the blood for the forgiveness of sins. But now everyone is of the opinion that one can sin on earth as much as one wants. But I would like to be able to enjoy my wedding in peace because you know me, I am the party type. And I want to be an angel again so we will surely find a new candidate who is captured by Satan as a holy and sanctimonious spirit. And I suggest that this new spirit caught by Satan - if there has to be one - should be Aleister Crowley, because he is much more likely to be willing to take on the role because if everyone is going to do whatever anyway everyone loved and sinful then goes the ODEM of the earth this spirit of life as you wish it on earth. Crowley has already enjoyed serving and resisting Satan and his magical powers throughout his life as a human. So we will be these and their entourage in front of the volcano