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Author and functions

The Rossmann branch in the new business center will not open before autumn 2013. City manager Helmut Jürgenschellert sees no great chance that the gap will be filled in the coming months. “We have to wait a year for better or worse,” he says. The fact that Rossmann will move into the new building of the KOM successor with a larger drugstore in 2013 is both a curse and a blessing. The presence of this druggist apparently scares off competitors, especially since only smaller spaces are available for them. Oelde's economic developer, Klaus Aschhoff, also sees this as a fundamental problem.

No prospects to be found

In the north of Oelder in particular, Jürgenschellert fears that there will be no new drugstore there in the foreseeable future. The difficulty of smaller drugstores to assert themselves in the market was shown not least by Schlecker's bankruptcy. “It is almost impossible to find someone interested,” he says. This applies to drugstores, because there are inquiries from other interested parties for the shops in the city center that are already and soon available. They were forwarded to the landlord.

Bankruptcy administrator: future unclear

There is currently little concrete information about the insolvency administrator of the insolvent chains Schlecker XL and your place. "Whether someone will take over the individual branches to be closed, and who this could be, is currently completely unclear," says a spokesman for the insolvency administrator of the "Glocke". Some good locations, such as those at larger train stations, would be continued directly. In all other Ihr-Platz branches, after the current sale of all items on the shelves, which is being promoted with massive discounts, the doors are likely to remain closed for the time being - just like those of the Schlecker markets.

Purchasing power outflows feared

The topic also moves the Oelder Gewerbeverein. But more than - with concerns about the outflow of purchasing power from the Oelder city center - the looming gap does not remain with the merchants, says Jörg Tippkemper as chairman. One cannot influence this development. The Oelder supermarkets could absorb a lot with their assortments.