Relationship Why do unattractive people like me

"We subconsciously look for the wrong partner when we really don't want a relationship."

How do you get out of the friend zone?


"The first reason is often: you are just a tad too nice. And therefore you don't know when a man / woman looks unattractive to others. The second reason: sheer incompetence to assess the situation correctly. Many people don't even know what it is like That number come out. Women call me and say, 'He didn't kiss me,' and men call me and say, 'I didn't know if I could kiss her.' The third reason: Some people like to be courted a little, but really have no real interest.

Attention: Nobody falls in love with you if they have no respect for you. "



If you are stuck in the friend zone: Here Emanuel gives you tips on how to get out of there!


How do you feel about so-called "games"?

"Games are part of it. I also have to withdraw a little. Sometimes I have to wait a little. Getting involved with the other person as he / she is. It is important to mirror the person. When he / she is busy I shouldn't push my ego through and possibly press the other person with too many messages.


When I met my wife, I fell head over heels in love with her. But I knew she was way cooler than me. So I could have screwed it up right by me too fast too much would have wanted. That's why I called a friend who was just as cool in nature and got advice from her. So I was able to adjust to the speed of my wife until she was finally ready. You have to get involved with the other. And that includes respecting each other's pace. In the end we all fall back into our cool personalities. But not if we screwed it up at the beginning! "


Can you actually still have "normal" conversations? Or do you analyze everything?

"I think I became a coach because I am who I am. My father told me that I asked all sorts of people in the stroller. I kind of always analyzed everything. You can also get to me at night Call and ask me questions, my inner coach is always active. "


Go in with courage. Those who have courage date better. Those who have the courage get a partner.



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How do you get out of the friend zone? Here's the answer: