What's wrong with a caesarean birth

Studies on the state of research on Caesarean sections published

The Federal Ministry of Health has funded four studies to evaluate the current state of research on Caesarean sections, which are published today.

Federal Minister of Health Hermann Gröhe explains:"A caesarean section is a surgical procedure that can pose health risks for both the mother and the child. Therefore caesarean sections should only be performed if they are medically necessary Develop high-quality guideline so that in future decisions for or against a caesarean section can be made on an even better scientific basis. The studies now available are an important contribution to the development of this guideline and the adoption of further scientific findings in obstetrics. Protection must always be the focus of mother and child. "

The four research projects with a total contract volume of 150,000 euros dealt with important health care issues: Advice for pregnant women, the time of the planned caesarean section, measures to counter the dangers of a caesarean section and the condition of the woman after a caesarean section.

The results of the studies published today are incorporated into an interdisciplinary S3 guideline “Caesarean sections”, which is currently being developed by the relevant specialist societies and which is a scientifically based decision-making aid for doctors.

The work of the “Caesarean section research” coordination center at the University of Frankfurt, which is also funded, will continue until March 2017 in order to continue to support the development of guidelines.